I've lost it!

I haven’t had an LD in about a month now! I was having at least 3 a week all very clear, now I can’t even remember most of my dreams. I’m trying as hard as I can to get them back but no luck :sad: Can anyone help me here?

well this happened to me a little while ago, keep trying but you may want to change the technique or something. its bound to happen sooner or later.

maybe you can try just relaxing for a week then go at it again.

i have had that too… but then suddently they come back as strong as before.

just hang in there… im sure your ld ability will return soon.

I agree with Pilot, I think. I haven’t been remembering dreams for about a month… not as clearly and numerous as I was anyway. I just decided that I was thinking about it too much and needed to relax and not keep concentrating on dreaming all the time. It will come back… you never LOSE your ability to dream. :wink:


Your trying to hard.You need to relax and stop thinking about it. Then it will come back. This thing happens to a lot of people. You have it in your thinking part of your brain, you need it back in your subconcious. So just kick back and relax.


lol i know just what you mean, but do not slack off, i have about 4 books now all filed with my dreams and have only been do it for about a year. sometimes i have no recal and than other times i wite down well over 10 pages just on one dream. i used to think, og my brain is just rewire or somthing thats why i cant remember any thing.

Here is my solution and it works for me and i hope it helps you. think about recalling your dreams and think about an emaotion that you have with a dream a speical emotion and dream that you really like. this will give the sence of joy with your dreams and remembering them.

The second and probally the most important is this. Go to bed early but wake up early. say 10:00 pm and wake up at 6:30 am. the earlyer you get to sleep the better, but work it around your life style so it fits best, but try not to wait till you fell really tired before you sleep because as i have found it will destroy the recall totaly.

I am a really light sleeper and no matter what time i get to bed i usally fall asleep around 2-3:00 am this is a killer let me tell you lol.

Good luck and tell me if this helps.


Thanx for all the suggestions, I’ll try these and keep you posted

Hmm…nothing yet. However I am starting to remember my NDs alot more. I’ll beat this yet! :cool:

I finally broke my dry spell this morning!
I woke up around 3:30 and was trying to go back to sleep, and I thought “It’d be nice to have an ld again” Then during my dream I just said “Hey I’m dreaming!” for no reason at all ,and was able to keep my lucidity! :cheesy: