I've recorded my first dream =^_^=

Last night I had a dream (the first dream I have recorded) it was like this:

At the beginning of the dream I wasnt part of it, just watching.
Well, it was like a barbeque of some sort, and there were about 20 people there. It was getting dark and the bbq was in a car port and there were peppercorn trees all around…it reminded me of my friends place. Anyway, this strong guy started belting up this little guy, that was really weak and small…well some one else revved up the guy’z car untill it started smoking (the guy loved his car) to distract him and make him stop.
The little guy ran and then went down the side of the house near the peppercorn trees. At this point I had become part of the dream and was following the guy. When I got to him he turned around and he was only a boy that reminded me of this dude at my school.

It’s a really pointless dream…i have no idea where my head thinks of these things!
awell…I only just found this site yesterday and Im glad I did…bye
from Michelle