ive tricked myself into starting WILD automatically

i read sooooooooo much stuff on WILD and how to do it…i WBTB regularly and ive noticed now…soon as i wake up and go lay back down the smyptomns (spel check) of WILD start to kick in…i felt the waves on my chest and what seems like the starting of SP…its hard to explain but i can tell something is happening…

lmao…i dont want to WILD anymore tho :grrr: …i just want to goto sleep …WILDing is too scary for me :sad: …now ive never had a WILD but its hard to go back to sleep cuz im noticing the stuff i never noticed before and programmed myself to be aware as i fall asleep… :cry: …it sucks…

maybe one day i’ll just give in to these new found feelings and have a WILD seems sooooo damn scary to me tho :shy:

if i didnt have to deal with sleep paralysis i’d prolly be all for it but that scares the hell outta me…

Wow you’re lucky… i wish i have WILD normally like you. :neutral:

WILD can be a scary experience for some people at first. My first WILD attempts scared the crap out of me at first. Once I got over that it became an amazing experience.

Take a brake from it for now if you must but, I encourage you not to give up. If you are able to get yourself to the point where you experience these things then you are right on the border of a lucid dream. Once you realize that nothing you see, hear, feel or experience there is real your feelings about it will change.

I wish you the best of luck and happy dreams.

this is a very good website on it…


soak all that up

Dude, did you like, do that on purpose? If so, can you tell us how?

My experiences with WILD were… a little on the intense side, but I managed them. The thing is, I didn’t like the out-of-body state as much as the lucid state and with WILD out-of-body is all I got. I decided to stick to an easier, more satisfying method, the MILD method. :smile:

WILD is perhaps the WILDest thing I’ve ever experienced =P

Going directly from conciousness into a lucid dream! Please don’t give up on it! My first time was like “YAY! I finally friggin did it!”

I try to WILD every chance I get.