Jan 2019. Firefox Update. problem solved

Firefox updated on me last night and since then it’s been reporting insecure connections everywhere. Even the plain google search page. I can just about get onto facebook but images, avatars and posts aren’t loading.

So using google chrome.

Is anyone else having the problem? If it’s widespread Firefox will fix it. Otherwise I’ll have to uninstall and download again.

My FireFox has reported LD4All as being unsecure for ages now… Facebook shows up as secure, though. I’m not sure what your issue is. A reinstall might be a good idea, but I’d also make sure you don’t have any mystery extensions enabled that may be interfering.

Cornelia, it was even saying the plain google search page was insecure. Not only saying insecure wouldn’t even load them.

Managed to sort it out by using refresh button on the support pages.