Japanese Robot Can Play the Violin and Converse With Humans


This is absolutely amazing. Toyota’s new robot, named Robina (ROBot as INtelligent Assistant), has 17 joints in its arms and fingers, and can move its hands with as much dexterity as a human. Additionally, it is capable of recognizing faces and can understand a vocabulary of more than 20,000 Japanese words. It currently serves as a tour guide in Toyota’s Kaikan Exhibition Hall, leading guests around and answering their questions. Toyota hopes that Robina will eventually be able to be able to learn how to manipulate tools and serve as a general purpose domestic robot.

I am in absolute at how fast technology has progressed in such a short time span. It just makes you wonder what awesome stuff has yet to be invented. :happy:

Oh, you’re looking forward to this are you:

You never know where this may take us! hahaha