javascript wizard needed!

Is there anyone here with exellent javascript skills who can help me with this one?

(please don’t redirect me to or hotscripts or whatever since it is almost impossible to find it there)

i have created a

which is positioned 150 pixels y.

now i want when the user scrolls the page the div scrolls too, but when it hits the top of the page it will stick there and stay there.

when the user scrolls back again the div will scroll back to its original position.

so instead of it disappearing off the page with the scrolled text it has to stay at the top, and scroll down again when needed.

I hope i have made clear what i want, and i really hope someone knows how to do this.

thanks already in advance :bow:

Add this to your page:


Then give your div id=“thessm”.

Use these instructions instead of the ones on the site.


thanks r3m0t, i have checked it out but it was too much a cannon for a mosquito.

i’ve worked with the script i had and after a few hours i finally could get it to work the way i wanted it :cool:

What a cool dutch expression!

Gah i hate stuff like that and iframes cringe

Hey Q wats all the java gonna be used for? If it’s for LD4All does this mean i gonna have to “allow” javascript in my browser again :help: :cry:

well DM, the current ld4all is stuffed with javascript as it is already :grin:

there will be no java only javascript. And it is going to look cool :cool:

no iframes too for that matter. or frames :happy:

and if not you can always come back to the good old ld4all you are used too :grin:

and yes, as you have guessed by now, this is for the new layout of ld4all.

I can’t wait to see it :happy:

So what are frames anywho? :huh:

Cant wait to c the new layout tho :happy:

Frames are used in the current ld4all design, where the top stays as you scroll down the page, and the bottom frame can change webpages.

Here, there are 2 frames: top and the forum. In other sections, there are 4 frames: top, picture (left), menu (middle), text (right).

Hope I explained well. I’m satisfied, anyway :content:

Frames usually hold glass in place. Sometime they hold pictures, vacuum tubes etc…

So basiclly, it contains something within a webpage. The “iframe” holds anougher webpage inside your page. It is an extreamly good way to contain LD4all, and claim that you made it.

By the way pasQuale, if you ever need any help with PHP, I’m the one to ask. :smile: