Jigsaw puzzle

I wonder if any of you would know,its bit off and unusuall topic.
Im trying to buy a jigsaw puzzle,big one,over 2000 pieces but all of them are really bad and choice is very small.Ive checked most of internet sites selling those but could not find any appropriate one.
What i was thinking was to find an image myself(i want something connected somehow with dreaming,but not the cheesy ones they sell) and send somwhere to have it done.From my research i found only companies which make them but up to 100 pieces which is not what i want.
I wonder if any of you would know what other way it could be done?or knows some shops which sell unusuall ones?
sorry for mumbling completely off topic but ive been trying to buy them for long time and im at dead end.
ps.prices near 1000 dol arent what im looking for:)

shops (most people refer to them as ‘nerdy shops’ ‘geek shops’ etc?) that sell models and stuff like that (star trek…) they usually have good ones. There used to be a REALLY good jigsaw shop and I got quite a few fromthere that were ‘dreamy’ but they closed.
sorry I can’t help much

How about those 3D jigsaws? Those are nifty… I have one of Alpine Castle that’s 1000 pieces. I guess it doesn’t have much to do with dreams, but it was pretty neat (and hard) to figure out.

LOl,…where the hell did you dig it up from?:)Old,old,very old post:)
Anyways i got what i wanted now.Half way done but getting there:)

Woah, I didn’t even notice how ancient this thread was! :woah: Er, uhh… well, I’m glad to see you finally found one…

I’ve been searchin through all the posts!

100 pieces is a pretty small puzzle. That’s 10 across and 10 down, a total of about 5 minutes to construct. I would have thought companies that specialize in making jigsaw puzzles could do a little better than that.

Thats what i thought.Now i have my 6 thousand pieces one.Not exactly the image i wanted but good enough…in case anyones interested its H.Bosh painting …ahhh damn it slipped out of my head…anyways its this weird image of heaven,hell and earth.
Ill edit as soon as i get the title from the top of my tongue.
take care:)