JILD-Jerks Induced Lucid Dreaming

So this is my first how-to tutorial on becoming lucid.And it is 95.90% effiecent and gives you LD’s at times.Here it is:

What is JILD?
JILD:Jerks Induced Lucid dreaming is a way of inducing myoclonic jerks to have LD’s.If you do mot know what myoclonic jerks are,they are sometimes referred to ‘falling feelings’.Myoclonic Jerks occur when you are conscious yet you are about to fall asleep.During this period,you will feel something extraordinary and I also realized that while having this episode of LD’ing,you also cannot talk sometimes.

So,how do we induce this,i hear you ask?
To induce this,the tkme would be best awake from a ND,since you would be really really tired,when you are really tired,fall into sleep but be conscious,like think of something before you sleep,to get jerks.Once you get the jerks,you are 1 step closer.

In the Jerks,i realized that I could not talk,but I could hear my brain say it in some crying voice.What you have got to do now is that because you are feeling jerks,you are tired.Take advantage of this and visualize your dream and say you are lucid dreaming at least once in it.Do NOT let the jerks distract you,trust me,if you get distracted,then you will lose hold of this.Think of your dream and soon,the jerks will stop and you will be in a LD.You can do a RC when you were visualizing as well,to help.Now you are in a dream

Now,this might not work all the time,but seriously,it would be nore easier than anything!

Do you have any questions.I would love to hear experiences if this worked


This might be improved soon since I did not type much,because I am getting busy for school.So in my earliest convenince,I will edit this along with other posts to make them long,just the way I like it.

Do you have any questions.I would love to hear experiences if this worked

Again,i am going to edit this soon.But uhm,let me know if it works,it will not work all the time but the reaspn behing this is because we are about to sleep but we are conscious so we feel the jerks,then you can take advantage of this and visualize a dream.

If you did get an LD from this.Erite the experience down here and you can claim your cookie! :cookiemon:

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