John Titor

Have you ever heard of him? Look here. . What do you think. It’s now getting harder to not believe the guy.

We will all know in one year :wink:

Personally i think it is just another hoax…

Actualy it starts this year. lol. :content: . If it’s a hoax I salute to JT he’s a good hoaxer. Except for the fact he’s predicted a lot already. Man what if it’s all true man that would be scary. :bored: Well this year is the year.

Yeah, I’m guessing its bullsh*t but you never know…
Grr, now i have to be freaked out for the rest of the year!

Everyone that actually believed this fruitcake go see the movie “paycheck” right now. If you know the future, then you have none, and nothing is for sure, there are a million ways we could change everything that happens if this “john” is actually true.

if his “predictions” turned out to be true, we have indeed a dull future ahead of us :wink: Everyone believing in god, going to church, not much entertainment, wars and people use UNIX as their OS?? :eek: Maybe SCO wins in court afterall ;(

was an interesting read though :smile:

Lucid Sky dreams.
John said that his future was 2% different then ours. We just gotta wait and see. A WACO type event. It’s really a scary thought.
Another point is that no body has been able to prove JT wrong and that he and his future is a hoax and that the world is leaning in his direction.

he’s just an anarchist that’s taking things a little to far, plus the WACO thing, if you add another letter its wacko, like john. To believe that anyone can actually travel threw time is obsurd, time travel was proven impossible. And if it was, him coming here would in fact change the world drastically from his. How does he know that our world is 2% different. And what the hell is he doing with a 1967 chevy in the year 2036? the cars 59 years old, no chance it still runs at all. You don’t think he would have gotten a newer car? I mean if he’s the one chosen to travel through time i dont think he’d be dirt poor to the point that he cant afford anything better then a 59 year old car.

For god’s sake he’s from the year 2036 maybe thats why he know that stuff. :cool_laugh: and actualy physisists(People who work with physics I think) are saying the method he used might actualy work.
Who proved it impossible?
He traded the car for a truck. :tongue:

yes i understand this, but why did he have the car in the first place. The person sent back in time you’d think would be the average person, and he is driving around in a 59 year old car. It would be like having a model T ford driving around in today, it doesn’t fit.

I get how he know’s it’s different, but where on earth did he get 2%, how does he know its not 4% or 3% or 11.4%? why 2? does he have a “percent the world is different here” meter?

Plus I think Einstein or some important smart guy said its possible to travel forwards in time, just like in Planet of the Apes, but it will never be possible to travel backwards…

A very interesting read, but also undoubtedly one of the most boring futures yet described. Though most of his comments were presented clearly and concisely, he did turn contradiction into something of an art form. The internet dominates the world, yet communities are tight-knit and self-contained? The general level of technology and biological understanding is astounding, but absolutely no progress has been made in the field of medicine?

To me, the future he describes sounds very-much like the world 30 years ago in almost every aspect (save for global communications media). His presentation of communal life is very much akin to times long past. Exclusively local production of food and energy? Welcome to the 19th century. :smile:

He also mentions numerous times that in 2036, everyone can multiply and divide large numbers instantaneously in their head. I think this goes beyond education and touches more on evolution.

[b]If you’re telling the truth, the last thing you should be doing is talking about the war and the government.

“Have you considered that your society might be better off if half of you were dead?”[/b]

He also so said that they were close on cancer.
But also his world is full of crap to clean after and I don’t think some things are easyier to clean after then other or to rebuild them.

I still got no answer about his car, he should have enough money to buy more then a 59 year old car. They don’t go find some homeless bum from san francisco to go back in time. :confused:

Ok. Well whats wrong with a car that old? What’s up with the people that drive the old 1930 cars in my city or other? o thats 70 years… and theirs plenty of them who drive them. If I was a billionaire and I bought a 50 year old car what would that make me? Like I don’t get it whats up so who cares if he’s got a car that old. Maybe he likes it. Maybe it was specificly chosen not by him but the military who said that this should be the car.
Also he traded the car for some kind of truck.
Ever think that he didn’t drive that car around but instead he had his own car and the military chose this one? 2%. Well their from the future. I think they might be a little more knowledgeable then us :wink: .

While I dont believe in Titer or whatever his name is, I do think I have an answer for the car thing.

When he first “traveled back in time” he went to the 70s. He had to have a car from that era. How do you think someone from the 1930s would react if they saw a Ferrari? So of course he couldnt bring a car from the 2030s.

Arite neo, that’s a reasonable story. Now i’ll get off the car. I still completely disregard the john person. He is just some person from now. Time travel will not be invented by the year 2036 that’s only in 32 years from now. No chance. I have no doubts that in all of time ahead of us, that someone will invent a time traveling macine. But that would be far into the future.

I’ve heard a lot of talk about the apparent exposure of this “John Titor”, in various places online while I was searching for additional information. All of the provided links no longer worked (they were several years old, after all), but they claim that this guy was tracked back to someone playing a prank somewhere in Florida. I’ll see if I can find anything about it.

They said that WW1 was the war to end all wars because some many people were killed. Hey 20 years later WW2 even worse then WW1. I don’t think those people though another great war was coming either.

will you stop. you sound like you want a world war 3 so we all die and the world is destroyed. john is some kid like atheist said. A prank. Like all the pranks of time. he’s another bigfoot or loch ness monster. Or roswell. That’s what he is. end of story.