Just a small question...

Is it normal when you have an LD to wake fast and not see the dream become blur?Yesterday i had a LD and the time i was about to fly i woke up.Nothing had happened so that it would wake me,i was on the top of a building and i didn’t even reached the edge (saying that for the possibillity of fear).It was very strange to me cause i’ve been expecting flying for some time and just missed it for a couple of seconds.

last night when i had an LD i was about to teleport and woke up because i was scared when my vision went black for a minute before my teleportation screen shows up

lucid dreams don’t become blurry usually maybe you became lucid at the end of the dream or you got carried away, or perhaps you were scared (as in “what if i’m wrong, what if i’m not dreaming”)


Sorry to be late to answer but didn’t manage to reach a pc for a long time and not for much time.
From what i remember i wasn’t scared at all on the contrary i really waited for that moment to come so that i would see the results(i was laughing inside the dream :tongue: )How can i be carried away?Noone came to wake me up,just woke up pretty fast as if i had a job to do that day (i usually don’t get up that fast not even for a job )