Just a strange thing...

there’s sth i find strange about myself. and i’m curious if anyone else is having it or is this a problem?

the thing is that like evrybody i go to bed every night (lol). when i’m tired or sth it’s very easy to sleep and i never remember/see dreams in such days. :eek:
but sometimes i’m having time to think before actually sleeping; thinking of hows my life, how was today etc. u know… then there comes the black idea ! when i even start to think about thinking that : “dude; i will be sleeping for the next 7 hours, i wonder will i die or wake up next morning. and hey it will be very boring come one its 7 hours” and related stuff i can’t sleep for the next 3 hours and it really annoys me! i want to sleep but i cant when i think that. i know most of you will say that the solutioun is simple “just dont think that” but it is not. it just randomly comes to my mind and i cant sleep; sometimes i lie on the bed not sleeping for 2 hours then get up drink some water, watch out the window and go to bed again and try to sleep… :bored:

is that happening to anyone else???

Maybe you should see a therapist.

That was… dismissive of his concerns - and probably not a first resort.
But a good idea in that you could analyse why you feel that way. Ask yourself why you’re nervous about such a thing the next time you’re drifting off to sleep and maybe your subconscious will provide you with an answer. I’m often surprised by the answers my subconscious is able to provide. :yes:

Sounds to me like depression. Has anything happened recently that troubles you?

I sometimes lay on bed for hours as well, just thinking of stuff - but I’m not sure whether I can’t sleep because I’m thinking, or I just can’t sleep anyway and think of stuff automatically. Perhaps the same goes for you?

I try not to think of being awake for the next few hours, I suspect that makes it worse… :meh: Haven’t found a solution either, but hey, the night therafter you sleep like a charm. :wink:

Maybe try making up a “white idea” that counters your “black idea.”


Black Idea: Oh I’m going to be unconscious for hours and hours, and who knows if I’ll ever wake.
White Idea: Wrong! You’ll be subconsciously conscious, and then you’ll be conscious in your dreams and have lucid dreams and fly and do anything you want, and wake up feeling awesome because you always wake up feeling awesome after flying dreams!

what Vi said, cancel out bad thoughts with good thoughts. I have obsessive compulsive disorder and I have to do that.

Obsessive compulsive disorder sucks…

I just re-read my post, and saw it in a different way, I hope you weren’t offended. It looks I was being sarcastic, but what I wanted to say more is that therapists are great (I saw one after I was having problems like you were) after I realized I couldn’t do it all by myself and I needed an opinion from an outside source. Of course try to do all you can for yourself foremost, however I think therapists can be great when you can’t to it all by yourself, just don’t let them drug you :smile:

Well said. Therapists have a stigma of “being for insane people”, but that’s not true at all. I personally believe everyone on earth could use a therapist now and then.

I always suggest this to my friend for many things. But have you tried meditation? Your problem seems to be, going by what you said that you think too much when going to bed. It’s quite common. Meditation can certainly help still the mind, in fact, that’s what it’s for.

Well, The best way to go to sleep is to have something on your mind from during the day. Like an event or something that give you some kind of emotion, Generally happyness or excitment. When it comes to going to sleep, I always seem to think of it, like ‘Wow that was so much fun’ And I go over what happend, after a while, without realising, my mind just drifts away. Then, once it does that it takes a few seconds to fall asleep. But once you think ‘Oh im drifting away’ You’re ‘councious’ again.

Also, I think a relaxation technique could help you, once you’re in a relaxed state, I find it really easy to just drift off in thought in a comfy state.

Final one may sound a little gross, But Masturbation is another method, It generally makes you fall asleep in a second and at the same time, you gain something else from it. :wink:

But what the first poster said, if you don’t find any of these methods useful, I think you should contact a therapist.

hey why did you spell masturbation with a capital ‘M’?


It’s important to me. :tongue:

I was hoping you’d say something like that!

@Artemesia: im not offended but; i dont like therapists. i beleive that theres nothing they can do to me that i cant do to myself. they can only point you the direction which i usually can do it myself… :smile:

@Vi: that’s a good solution, man; thnx. i’ll try that next time!

btw; altheman9993 is very right about the Masturbation method :happy: its just that when those nervous ideas in your mind you cant even concentrate on your thing heheh

Hmm. Sounds like you just have a lot of energy still in you when you go to bed. Do you exercise very often? Because I find that when I don’t exercise, I have great difficulties falling asleep. If I just go for a run or something during the day, I’m fine.

Also, try drinking some warm milk and having a banana an hour before bed. That often helps me when I have trouble with falling asleep.

It sort of sounds as if you also may have depression, too. When I’m depressed I get a lot of negative thoughts in me. As suggested above, you may want to try meditating. That helps me alot when I have anxiety and depression. Meditating has gotten me through a lot of tough and troubling situations.

Hope that helps, hehe. And yes, about the capitalized Masterbation, that helps quite a bit with just drifting off to sleep. When you do it you release endorphins into the brain, helping you feel good and just relax, see.

I always have things on my mind when it’s time to fall asleep, and it takes me forever to fall asleep, so recently, I started listening to music while I was falling asleep. It kept my mind focused on the music and I fell asleep much easier.