Just about did it!

I was dreaming about a Matrix type thing. We were shooting the third film and I spent most of the dream following myself around. However i am racing along a street and a guy with a bomb ducks down an alley and there is a motorbike racing towards me. Suddenly I slam into my body and I look at my hands. I realise I’m dreaming but I don’t have full control. i look up and there is the motorbike screaming towards me with the rider swinging a steel chair (like in wrestling). I think oh crap wake up or get mashed. So i suddenly wake up after enjoying about 5 seconds of Lucidity. at least I’m getting somewhere. Any tips to prevent this happening or to make me remeber its my dream so I am invincible?

Why did you look at your hands?
Was it a reality check?
Or was it the Carlos Castaneda technique of finding your hands in a dream and become aware that it’s a dream - the stimulu-response technique?


Your getting close to a full on lucid dream, but a tip, You should of let yourself get hit, Knowing its a dream you would not of got hurt, Thats a stage you have to pass.

Its not easy, Im have not gotten to the part where I will be to scared to do something, But I know it will come, And you just have to tell yourself.

“Im dreaming nothing can hurt me, for I am laying safely in bed.”

It was more like my dream self and i collided. Kinda like possesing myself. I Just looked at my hands because I suddenly had them. I’ll have to get into reality checks properly.