Just an alternate reality?

Well, i feel kinda odd asking, but every time ive lucid dreamed (with my first time being the exception) my dreamworld has just been another reality escentially, What i mean by that is i cant seem to do anything that I shouldnt be able to in reality. IE: i try to fly, i fall flat on my face and wake up.

And on the rare occasion that i do manage to pull something i shouldnt be able to do my brain panics and wakes me up. :cry: :help:

Also, i have a really hard time concentrating on anything so inducing LDs is another feat altogether.

I havent started a DJ yet because im paranoid someone will find it… Should i really? or is it over-rated?

If there is any way of helping me please post it.

Im still kinda shy about LDs i think :confused:



With your first time the exception? Do you mean that in that one you did have lucid powers?

If thats the case you shouldnt worry too much about the current ‘trend’ of limitation. Maybe your first time your rational mind was unprepared, but now it has associated dream-world w/ reality and the limitations with it. That may not be it for you, (its how it is w/ me), it could just be flukes - depending on how many ‘limited power’ LD’s youve had, i guess.

As far as waking from not-so-limited LDs, it could be that your rational mind panics, your consciousness not being used to it. Anyways, it seems like a ‘beginners disease.’ Eventually, a successful manipulation will not surprise you as much, you will be able to stay awake to observe it, then able to stay awake to repeat it (near-mastery if all successful) or try other things then able to stay awake long enough until you start to naturally wake (in which case you’ll have to learn how to restore stability or something).

Personally i am quite limited in my LDs, i dont try much very often (never comes to mind), i dont do much that some may consider ‘impressive’ or whatever in my LD’s, I just act normal, observe for the most part. Im down with that, and they are long enough that several times i have to ‘save’ from natural waking (mostly natural) through stability technique. So i guess thats just about the only skill i have near-mastered, there.

Personally, a DJ is valuable. If i stop doing it, before long my recall will diminish to a lesser quality if not all-of-a-sudden vanish. Luckily if i pick it back up the recall comes back quickly. You might wanna try a ‘vague’ DJ for awhile to see if your recall improves. Then, you can make a judgement on if it is worth keeping a DJ (something tells me you’ll think it well worth it). Maybe you can write it in a way that only you will understand what it meant and whatnot. I must warn you, it does take time and its a relative hassle to get up in the morning after waking - but well worth it compared to most-likely forgetting parts of the dream after having more dreams because of just going to sleep. But, considering the time it may take (depending on how much detail you want ‘saved’, and your memory) you could think about ‘in my next dream i’ll LD’ or something, pull a MILD/WBTB maybe after hitting the forums (or a book LD-related) for 5 mins or so. -At least that potential is part of what gets me up to find my way to the pen and paper. :tongue:

Or you can just keep a DJ here, where its anonymous (<an oft missed perk of hitting these forums)… :smile:

I’m not/wasn’t very good at controlling. But I’m getting better, and I’m sure you will too.

You have to try to remember that anythings possible in the dreamworld. Walls can be walked through, you can make things appear etc. It is very hard, I know as we’re so used to the limitations of RL. Keep practising and it will get easier :smile:

geneally it makes them alot funner just on the rare occasion i manage to do something i shouldnt be able to in RL and I feel as though ive accomplished something :smile:

It sounds to me like you were not totally lucid. Next time you realize you are dreaming remember to remind your self that you can do what ever you want. Start of by just making small changes to things. You have to expect things to respond the way you want them to. It just takes a little practice. In the beginning try not to get to magical with your manipulation of the dream. For example, you want a book to appear in your dream. Instead of trying to make it materialize say, “that book I want is in my closet”. Then go over to the closet and expect it to be there. Once you have mastered dream control that way you will easily be able to move into changing the dream at will.