Just curious a dream a long time ago,Lost the will to dream?

i asked like a couple years ago, did some stuff in a mansion as an imp, jumped through people and came to rest in a room, i never could decide whether it was a LD or not, because it was so short after, but i sat there and literally said is this a LD and i did not answer, but i had this feeling like i knew that it was… and then almost simoltaneously(sp?) i was sucked through some weird grey tunnel and then into a deja vu dream, which was ironic and funny. so do you think that was? i could swear i felt like i knew it but… ever since that EXACT dream i have LOST all my ability to even… dream… any ideas…?

It’s not always necessary to say in the dream, “This is a dream” It’s just a case of knowing that it is a dream, although saying it is a good way to reaffirm that you really are dreaming.

I’ve never heard of somebody feeling that a certain dream had caused them to lose the ability to dream before. I can’t see a way for this to have happened, other than believing that it is the case. Dreams seem to respond to our expectations, very strongly. I can only suggest trying some of the dream recall improving techniques in the BIG remembering dreams topic

Maybe this is it… im not sure, that was the most clear dream i have ever had, since then the dreams may have just been bland compared to it and over time i may have lost interest due to bad dreams?

This is very possible, I had trouble recalling my dreams since I had to start getting up early, and I had a run of bad dreams I chose not to recall. It got me out of the habit of recalling my dreams and I had to work a little to regain recall again.

While in the dream, did you know you were dreaming? If so, you were lucid. If not, you weren’t. Simple as that. There are varying degrees of lucidity, but control and clarity have nothing to do with it.

Don’t worry, you’re definitely still having dreams. It’s just your recall that’s gone sour. Make sure you WANT to recall your dreams, and then just set the will as you’re going to bed that you will wake up after each dream and record it in your DJ. Imagine yourself at the end of a dream, waking up, realizing you need to write it down without falling back asleep yet, getting up, writing down the dream, and then going back to bed, again setting the intention to become lucid and to remember. Then imagine the process again. Keep reminding yourself that this is what you want, and if you believe it will happen, it will.

But make sure you’re getting enough sleep! Losing sleep will absolutely kill your recall. Even getting an extra hour can do wonders.