Just had Sleep Paralysis.

I was awake, and I was rolling around my bed, attempting to fall back asleep, when out of the corner of my eye, I see a blurry figure. It was just my eye acting weird, but this got me thinking about ghosts. I was thinking “I’d be awesome and scary if there was a ghost standing in the corner of my room, looking at me…” Then it just became so… real. Like I couldn’t decipher whether I fell back asleep and my guard was down or something… I could imagine a ghost walking over to me and staring me in the face.

My stomach dropped and I didn’t dare open my eyes. I heard a few noises (Something that was just too weird that I can’t explain it and a laugh.) I tried to move my arms but I couldn’t. I tried to open my mouth to call for my brother, who was in the other room, or my friend, who’s over from Thanksgiving, and was sleeping in another bed in the same room. I could barely open my mouth and couldn’t make any noise.

It was quite the experience… I want to try to get it to happen again. I probably can, seeing as I did it out of nowhere. I was already up for the day (Even though it was 5:00 AM.) and was just lying in bed and boom. I heard that it’s an effective tool for lucid dreaming if you can get over the whole scared part.

Well, I suppose next time you can be prepared and will know not to be scared. And WILD would be a good place to go from there.

Nice experience! I find SP experiences sometimes more exciting than LDs. They’re so extremely real!
Yes you can use SP to re-enter a (lucid) dream. Just let yourself sink back into sleep while keeping your mind awake. This goes much easier during SP (because you’re already paralyzed) than for instance when you’re fully awake.
The only method I know to induce SP is sleeping on your back.

Well, I know about how I can WILD from there on, but it just came out of the blue so I didn’t expect it.

I’ll try for another one tonight. It was just a deep fear of nothing, basically, like I said. I knew that I wouldn’t be harmed but to avoid scaredness I kept my eyes closed. I’m going to open them next time, as I know the hallucinations can range from being scary to cool.

Whenever I attempt WILD I always hear sounds. I think I read that this is sort of like HI but with sounds. One instance is I tried WILD on my couch and it sounded like someone was banging pots and silverware around in the kitchen. If you let the sounds continue and kind of accept them it really helps you have a WILD(I think, at least).

Hold on… Shoot… This was at 5 AM. Do you think I was just WILDing as opposed to having SP? I couldn’t move, but I didn’t see anything or hear scary of out of place things.

…in fact, I heard laughter right after I heard a farting noise. I know that’s incredibly immature, but perhaps that was me thinking about laughter from there on, and I was just afraid that it was SP?

How does one Induce SP? I want to have that state, experience it…but I never have.

I don’t really think you can. Mine (Which it had to be… I don’t think a WILD makes you feel scared.) just kind of happened out of the blue.

I’m not sure either if you can master SP and induce it on purpose… There’s only one thing I know: you have more chance of getting SP if you sleep on your back. There múst be more methods to get SP… I think the trick is to bring yourself in fully paralysis while still being awake. Some sort of light-medium trance. But then you still won’t experience the hallucinations I guess…
I thought sometime ago somebody on the chat said he mastered SP. I forgot about his name though :sad:

hmmm… I think that it’s likely to get SP when you are trying WILD, but since I haven’t been successful at either, I wouldn’t trust me on the subject :peek:

whoever wants to get SP:
what works for me, and i think for others too:

get really tired! do some workout or party all night long!
if your body is really tired, you will experience SP conciussly more easy!

something like that happened to me, and thats kinda how i got interested in this website. i was falling asleep, but imaging my friend in my room talking. then i kinda came to, and realized no one was there, but then went back in and heard them having a normal conversation.