Just how...

Real are lucid dreams? I have had a few before, low level, pretty basic things. Imagery only, no other senses, but I could control my movements… Were those lucid dreams? :tongue: Anyways, I get the bad feeling that this has been asked a lot, but just how real do they seem, do the seem exactly like the waking world, a little diluted, what? Sorry for the recurring question…

They are like RL, if not better, and more vivid, what you described isn’t really a LD, it’s just a ND, LDs are dreams in which you are aware that you are dreaming, you can taste food, create scenarios, feel pleasures, etc. It’s all really nice, you can do ANYTHING absolutely, no bounds, but it requires some training from the moment I say this: you can fail, when you don’t have any doubts about being able to do anything you want in your LDs, you can really do anything, but knowing you are able to fail, makes you truly able to fail, so, yes, LDs are pretty nice and WELCOME to LD4all!

I have to disagree. I’d say if you realize that you are dreaming, it’s a lucid dream. All lucid means is aware. Sometimes LD’s will feel a little less than inspiring, while others they are more real than real life. Just like ND’s can change in qualities, so can LD’s. The best way to experience all the different things available in an LD is to get out there and try it. Good luck in your quest, and remember that we’re all here to help :content:

I forgot to say only some of them were like that, but once practice is done the better day will get.

Thanks a lot for the input, its all a little unfathomable… I’m tryin to keep my mind open! :smile: It all sounds so great, I cant wait to go to sleep now! :happy:

If you are going to use autosuggestion, remember to focus on the fact that you WILL dream, and not that you WANT to dream, saying you want will make you want more, saying that you WILL shall make you have more LDs.

When I had my first and it was extremely vivid, I simply couldn’t believe how clear it was because I had the same concerns originally.