Just ordered the Remee


Just ordered the Remee, anyone had any experience with this?

Daaamn, I must be the only one.

Yeah, I have the Remee. I’ve used it for quite a few nights now. While I had LDs while wearing it, they were not because of Remee. After about a week of wearing it, the lights finally showed up in my dreams, but I failed to do a RC. It is too uncomfortable for me to wear all night, so recently I stopped using it every night. I hope to use Remee’s nap mode for a WBTB attempt. I think that might end up being very effective. I actually posted in the Lucid Lab forum about doing an experiment with Remee, but people didn’t seem to be interested.
Best of luck using Remee. :beer:

Interesting, I’ll let you know how I go with mine when it arrives. Thanks mate.

I should mine in a couple of days (got my confirmation mail 10 days ago). Excited to try this out. I haven’t been focusing on Lucid Dreaming at all the last 3 months, I just took a break from it and planning to take it up again when I get my Remee. I still have very vivid dreams though and I remember a lot dreams, so that’s a good thing I guess.

I received my Remee yesterday and tried it out, but for the first night the delay was much too late. Its standard mode is programmed to flash after 4,5 hours, and by that time I was awake… I should’ve known, because I generally wake up after about 4 hours of sleep before I go back.

You can change the settings of your Remee on the website, so I changed mine to have a 2,5 hour delay and increased the time of the nap mode to 45 minutes so that I can better use it for WBTB. I also set the lights to have a very constant, recognisable pattern. I think that is more helpful in seeing the lights as an RC rather than having random flashes.

I’m not sure the Remee is an instant fix for lucid dreaming; I’m curious to see how tonight goes, but I think like with any RC you need to practice to recognise it during day time.

I found the mask to be very comfortable during sleep, and it didn’t bother me at all. I was a bit worried about damaging it though.

I got mine yesterday as well. Haven’t tried it out yet though, didn’t have time to look at it before I went to bed :razz:

But, I’ve been taking some time today to fully understand how it works. You’ll have to train your brain to do a RC when you see the flashing lights of course.

Another thing I was thinking, you probably don’t have to use the mask the whole night. You could just wake up after 5-6 hours and use the nap mode, at least that’s what I’m going to try out.

I had a semi-LD last night thanks to Remee! The standard mode still didn’t work - I think the lights actually woke me up, or they went off during non-REM. Anyway, I woke up around 4:30 and turned on the Nap mode (which I’d previously set to 45 minutes). Sure enough in the dream the lights showed up (as white, rather than red lights!) and I remembered to do my usual RCs (looking at hands, etc). I didn’t go fully lucid, I think, but certainly a lot closer.

It seems that Nap mode is definitely the way to go - otherwise you just end up wearing a mask that does nothing for hours, potentially damaging it, and it is more difficult to time your REM sleep.

Hey everyone!
I got my Remee 5 days ago and have been using it since, with some interesting results. I’m with Ashvura when it comes to nap mode - definitely an easier and more comfortable way to use the mask.

There isn’t much point using standard mode and wearing the mask as you go to sleep, when our longer and more vivid dreams are later in the night (early morning, even). I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of false awakenings I have since I started using the Remee. My first experience with it didn’t actually include the lights, but was a normal dream where i ‘woke up’ to change the brightness settings on the mask. This weekend was the first time that I’d been able to sleep in and test nap mode properly, using the longer REM periods of the morning.

This morning was the first time I’d experienced the lights incorporated in my dreams - In the dream I was already outside talking to my boss for some reason, when the lights went on. At first I thought that the sun was shining on my face, but as the pattern changed I was able to see images within the lights. The dream I was in faded, which i thought was because the lights were too bright. So i stayed still, feeling myself wake up, hoping that i would be able to re enter a dream. When i woke up, I was in my bed and looking at the mask - the lights had changed from red to green, prompting me to ask “Am I dreaming?”, which is when i woke up for real!

While none of the dreams I’ve had so far have been extremely high lucidity, it definitely helps to have a physical reminder of your intention to lucid dream - even before seeing the lights in my dream I had already experienced an increase in lucid dreams/false awakenings/dream recall.

I’m thinking of buying a Remee, it sounds promising. From what I’ve read it seems like there is an adjustment time after getting them and you need to be able to recognize the lights within the dream and then remember to do RCs. I think after some practice with these though they could be quite useful

Will report my results once I get my hands on one :smile: