Just put headphones on and your lucid!

Ok guys so I was finding it really hard to get my first lucid dream and I can recall about 2 dreams a night. But then yesterday when I was searching YouTube I found something so amazing, it will blow your MIND! :grin: Anyway so what if you could either put on you headphones for 30 minutes for a quick lucid experience (nap) or when you go to sleep it follows your sleep cycle and knows when you are in REM ok so this actually worked for me and I am shocked you guys should try it, trust me you will not be disappointed it has a thumbs up rating of 96% so it is working for most people.
Lucid Nap
Full lucid when you are asleep

looks cool ill try it

Looks like a worthy chainmail! I shall try it!

i tried the nap one but it is impossible for me to fall asleep in 10 minutes

Same for me maybe you should try the other one when you actually go to sleep then it should work because it gives you a lot longer than 10 minutes.

yes probably but i just wanted to do a nap. i was getting sleeping and then he whispered “do a reality check” really low and creepy, it made me all concious again

It seems interesting, but I still doubt on the fact that it could work for me.

Let me explain, and perhaps Yoy will also confirm what I’m about to say since he’s french or at least lives in France.(and it’s wierd to talk to him in english, but after all, it’s an english forum)
Anyway, I’m french too and even if I can listen to/speak/or write english, my brain is kinda programmed in french, and I think in french in my daily life.

That’s why all the “you’re dreaming” and “do a reality check” things probably won’t work. Or even if my brain hears it, maybe it won’t interpret it properly ?

Nevertheless, I will try that tonight in order to test all the possibilities that could led to lucidity !

I’ve tried this once before and It didn’t work. I’ve been meaning to try it again, maybe when I’m not getting such deep heavy sleep!

Cool :happy: I’m not entirely convinced this will work but i’ll try it tonight :happy: If it works I’ll post my dream. crosses fingers I hope it will work so i can have an actually good lucid dream :wink:

(PS i would try the nap right now but I’m babysitting my little sister so i cant :wink: )

I gave the 1.5 hour version a try last night at bedtime. Falling asleep wasn’t too tough. What got me was hearing stranger’s voice whisper, “Do a reality check!” in my ear. Unfortunately, that scared me right awake!

I don’t recall dreaming before this point so I may not have hit an REM cycle yet when the voice started up. Perhaps this will work better for others if they hit the timing just right.

I have listend to a few different binaural tones. i have found that when left running through the night, I may not often become lucid due to these beats but do have some really strange dreams. I had a false lucid dream one time. however i have become lucid on a couple of occasions listening to these types of sounds!!

I tried with my super huge headphones… I think I should not try with my super huge headphones.

LOL what happened Dragonmind? (I’m going to assume they were just really uncomfortable/loud)

Just really uncomfy for sleeping. Huge headphones completely made it impossible for me to sleep. Trying again though!

I’m gonna try it tonight and I will tell you what happened here. I think using a soft pillow is necessary. becuase if you’re gonna sleep on your side with headphones… you’re gonna have a baaaaaaaaaaad time :happy:

Cool, i’ll try this out tonight and post the results.

Thanks for posting :wink:

I believe, for me that the 30 minute audio is too short and knowing this one can rely on needing to follow everything that is being verbally stated and this can be seen to hiner the process of working towards a LD. I listened to this audio NAP for 9 days and it did not make me feel like I wanted to LD. I felt rushed. Although the whole LD can be seen to be subjective and completely personal and individual I personally do not like these stimulus’ (audio’s, binaural etc). My inner self seems to want to rely on them and by doing that for me I get nowhere. That said, they do work for others which is great. Trying and seeing is normal and recomended ofcourse.

I’m ripping the video to MP3 so I can try it tonight on my Zune. I will do the 1.5 hour one with a WBTB a 5 hours of sleep so hopefully I will hit a REM period.

I tried it last night but it failed. I drifted off and woke up in the morning :sad: