Just started

Hi, im new here, and i read about LD’s yesterday and tryed to get a LD yesterday, but i failed, most likely because i was so exited about it. I was just wondering if afternoon naps is a good way to get LD. And i was wondering if I have problemsgetting to sleep after waking up ealy, is there a time limit, is it like if i go to sleep later than 60 minutes after i woke up, will it be less likely toget a LD.

I hope i will gwt my first LD within the first few months, cause i am really axited about flying. All because of a dream i had when i was little, i was probably 9years old, and when i sat on the floor in a budda possition i could fly, had this incredebly good feeling in my stomach (just like a orgasm, only extended), this dream was so real i accually tryed to show my mom that i could fly the next day. I am really exited about this! By the way exelent info page! :happy:

Afternoon naps are a great time for LDing, but you can have an LD anytime. However, they say that the best times are early in the morning (after about six hours of sleep) or during afternoon naps.

Welcome to the forum! :happy:

I just came here to say welcome…and…I love your name.


hmm… i’ve never thought of comparing flying to orgasm, but now that i think about it, it’s kinda like that… kinda

anyway, flight is my favorite dream activity (besides sex) so good luck, it will be well worth the effort, just don’t try too hard :smile:

ill try to try not so hard, but i must say gaining controll of your dreams is like wow, i bet in the beginning when i start getting Lds i will get to exited and wake up…

Heh, that’s what happened to me the first time I had an LD. I flipped out and ended up waking up. It’s hard not to be excited over them. Well, it doesn’t come easy; I’m still working on achieving an LD (purposefully, anyways) and I started a few weeks ago. Good luck and keep trying :content:

Well I admit I did become aware of my dream once but I woke up instantly… I wasn’t even that excited in the dream. What set it off was that I saw a diamond on my windowsill in my room, and I was like “Wait a second, what is that doing there?” Then I realised it was a dream. This was sadly before I actually knew a lot on the concept of Lucidity though, so I couldn’t capitalise on it. :blush:

I think it may have something to do with how long you have been dreaming before you have a LD. If you are going to your end¨of your dream period.