Just surfed in - half way to Lucidity without knowing it.

Ello all,

  Spent a few hours today surfing the net trying to throw some light on a wierd dream like experience I have been having  :confused: ... it occurs in the morning if I go back to sleep or in the evening if im drifting watching T.V... basically I know im asleep but im sat at my computer just gazing about admiring how realistic my dream is.. thats it!

It has happened to me loads of times and always the same sat at the computer with varying degree’s of realism - whilst this is happening I am aware that my eyes feel wierd guess this is REM.

now I can stick a name to the experience [color=blue]Lucidity[/color], fascinating site thanks  :cool: .

Welcome to the forum, Freefaller.

Out of interest, do you ever try to experience anything beyond simply sitting at your PC looking at how realistic the world appears? Lucidity is an amazingly real experience, and to make the most of it you should try getting up and walking around, creating objects, talking to dream characters, and so on.

I’m sure you can find some inspiration in the Diary section of the forum.

Good luck with developing this amazing ability. :smile:

No I dont feel I have control over the dream, I am aware its a dream but I can only gaze about as if Im sat at the computer, also it doesnt last for long, guess with nuturing I can take control, thanks for the welcome.