Just Venting

Last night my poor car was siting in it’s parking spot minding it’s own business when some drunk lady backed into it. That is why I had to abruptly leave the forum last night. Anyway, she caused $1400.00 worth of damage! If shared dreaming is real she had better pray that I never find my way into her dreams. :devil:

When it happened she tried to talk me out of calling the police and promised to pay for it. Yea right! I felt like asking her if I looked stupid or something! :grrr:

Anyway, I just needed to vent for a moment. :smile:

::Sheds a tear for milod::
awww… sorry buddy… Good luck with that.

Vent away, milod. It makes you feel much better, don’t you think? :smile:

Anyway, sorry to hear about your recent bad luck. It’s really unfortunate that some people are stupid enough to drive drunk, and I hope you did get the police involved in this instance. Otherwise she’ll just do it again and again, until she ends up causing some serious damage or even killing someone. It’s just horrifying to think that there are people like this on the roads every single night.

As this is the thread for it, I may as well let off a bit of stream too. I recently emerged from a shopping center to find that my driver’s side door suddenly had a nice, big dent right down the middle. There were no cars anywhere near it, but obviously some moron pulled up next to it and swung their door open without checking if there was anything in the way. It’s annoying, because I have no way to find out who did it, and so I’ll be up for the repair costs. Plus I have to survive without a car for several days while they fix it. :grrr:

Anyone else have some bad luck recently? Share your stories here. It might help milod feel better. :smile:

Thanks for your support Trung Of Wu. :smile:

Thanks Atheist and yes I did call the police. From what I understand she blew just below the legal limit. However, I think she did get some tickets. I’ll find out tomorrow when I get the police report. Right now they are pleading with me not to go through their insurance and are offering to pay for the damage. I suspect she is afraid that her insurance company will drop her.

I have sympathy for lots of people but, I just have no sympathy for people who drink and drive. There is just no excuse for it.

I got those parking lot dents in my previous car so I know how you feel there. :devil:

And those shopping cart dents! :angry:

I was going to a British Sea Power concert and had been looking forward to it for ages, they are one of my favourite bands. About an hour before the concert I thought ‘right, time to leave, now where did I put that ticket, oh my god no.’ So somehow my own stupidity allowed me to loose the ticket (weeks later I still don’t know where!), and miss what my friends said was a fantastic gig. You’re never more annoyed than when it’s at yourself! I was absolutley fuming so I kicked a hole in the wall (very unlike myself) and that just made it all worse because now I have to pay for that!

punishment really solves nothing.

it’s for US we don’t care if they get “fixed” we just want retribution.

this lady could have been a serious drunkard and maybe getting arrested would knock some sense into her.

but likewise she may have been more likely a normal person caught in an unpleasant situation … and the mistake alone was more than enough to teach her not to do things again.

idk if she wanted to pay for it and it wasn’t bad, and she looked in collection of herself, i would have asked to take her license and contact info, so i can report her later if she doesn’t want to pay.

course they can’t do anything about the drinking that way though.

I agree with you, Holy Reality, but I also think it was better in Milod’s case to contact the police rather than just allow her to pay for the damage. She has to learn that drink driving can result in consequences that just aren’t worth the risk of getting caught. If Milod had accepted her money, then she would have learned that she can just buy her way out of trouble when she hits another person while in the same condition. Yeah, she may have just made an honest mistake this time, and from what Milod said she probably wasn’t even over the legal limit, but having the police involved will almost certainly cause her to think twice before driving with any amount of alcohol in her system.

Also, If I simply agreed to let her pay for it and not called the police she could have walked away and denied everything later and I would have no proof. She was not willing to give me her insurance information or any valid proof as to who she is and where she lives.

Anyway, in the end I did allow her to pay for the damage without going through her insurance company. I am even using her own body guy who was also on my side. Her own repair man told them that I was not looking to rip them off or anything. I just wanted to have my car fixed and nothing more. I agreed to do this at great inconvenience to myself. If I went through her insurance I would at least get a rental until my car is fixed which will take 3 days. ( I won’t get my car back until Wednesday) It will tell me a great deal about her character if she offers me anything for my inconvenience but, I am not holding my breath.

sounds like a good course of options then… definitely if she wouldn’t even give you contact information you were left no choice but to call police…

at any rate i hate insurance companies…

and automobiles…

and driving :sad:

bad eyesight + general clumsiness + self assurance = not a good combination in a driver.

well self assurance is good, you just have to ensure it’s genuine, not like “ah i have plenty of room” … smack! … damn.

Well I just got my car back and the guy did a crappy job.

The guy was supposed to replace my fender, fix my bumper and buff out scratches in my headlamp.

As soon as I walked up to my car I saw a chip in the fender that was already starting to rust! Still I gave him the benefit of the doubt so I looked under the fender by the wheel and there was rust! Definitely not a new fender! Then I looked at the bumper and all he did was paint over the scratches he did not even sand it down or fill in the scratches. He just painted over them! He did nothing to the head lamp. So now I have to go back to my body shop and find out how much it will cost to fix it properly!

All bets are off now. No more Mr. Nice guy. :devil:

I am going to report the accident to their insurance and get everything that I am entitled to.

Well, this guy just banged out my fender and used bondo which my mechanic also calls “mud”. From what I understand that is because it is porous and absorbs and holds water. According to my mechanic and another body guy, in a short time the bondo will shrink and cause my fender to crinkle.

Anyway, I reported the accident to their insurance company and so far they seem to be on my side so I hope they will pay for the job to be done right.

Has anyone else here had body work done with bondo? Did you have any problems?

well i havent gotten anythign to eat today.>.<

oha nd milod that si why when i drive i pull over to take sips