just venting....

i am still not lucid… my dream recall is at it’s peak, i really dont even need to write in my journal any more because i remember my dreams three and 4 days after i have them. i am having several dreams per night. even when i take 1 hour naps i have at least 1 or 2. MILD is worthless to me because in my dreams i have absolutely ZERO common sense. i have had two dreams so far where i have actually been worf from star trek, and WILD, oooooohhhhhh MAN!!! WILD seems like my only hope but i cant get it for some odd reason. i get everything that the members on the forum describe: vibes, HI, voices, sounds, paralyzation but i never stay awake, and if i do it’s like a 3 HOUR WAIT!!!, and i still pass out. reality checks suck(i think i actually pinched my nose and tried and to breathe in a dream i had and guess what…I COULDNT BREATHE SO I DIDNT GET LUCID). i’ve gone so far a to put letters on the backs of my hands L on the left and D on the right.

im not really expecting any advice on these topics, if i get some great, but as the title says; im just venting…

that sucks, have you tried some of the methods suggesting in the shortcut forums on this site?

You also might wanna see what gets you to stop and question whats going on and adjust your reality checks based on them. I didn’t run across any clocks in dreams recently but I did sto and notice my voice recorder wasn’t working in a dream, although I didn’t give it any thought. Now I just use that a reality check if I’m in the same room as the voice recorder.

EDIT: get a digital watch for reality checks, if you wear it enough and check regulary it should pop up in a dream at some point.

Even if you suck at MILD and WILD, you still have VILD. Also, don’t forget WBTB. I have to admit, I hardly use MILD or WILD to have any of my LDs. Most of them are spontaneous because I tend to drift in and out of sleep when I can sleep in long.

So that’s my advice to you: Sleep in long, and wake up several times. Also, try to get some sleep every afternoon if possible, the more sleep you have the better are you chances as far as I know.

edit: And start doing tons of RCs every day. Tons of them, I say!

dont worry man, your not the only one around here whos frustrated. i still havent had any LDs yet either. you wouldnt beleive how retarded the dream me is. im such a dumbass in my dreams. but from what i understand, good things like this take time. and you may just be trying to hard. relax, you’ll live longer. go place Grand Theft Auto, i guarantee you’ll feel better after that. always works for me.

thnx blazin, glad to hear from another non-dreamer for a change (thats not to say anything bad you guys, odd2k and sleepy). i think i will relax…but i am also gonna try that coffee technique. f it doesnt work…maybe later.

I’ve only had 5 lds and those were very short, I’m not very good at it either, although part of that is due to laziness

I have discovered a few very important factors that induce LDs with myself. I MUST get a lot of sleep! This is proven (for me at least) b/c for the last three weeks I have had at least 2 LDs every weekend. If it is a school night, then I must take a nap in the afternoon. Are you getting 9-10 hours of sleep every night?

For me, I have been lucid from the beginning of nearly all of my dreams. Reality checks don’t really do much for me. My last 7 LDs have been induced through the WBTB method. I don’t even really become completely awake. Whenever I wake in the night, I quickly think MILD mantras to myself and visualize where I want the dream to begin.

Since reality checks don’t really do anything for you, you might want to quit doing them. I found them to be such a bother. The experts might advise differently though. Good luck! :smile: [/b]

hell yes it does! i love GTA!

(sorry… as you were. :tongue: )

LOL yea man i got to “i am dreaming 2501” the other night…I never seem to be able to remember much from my dreams during the week, maybe one or two. On the weekends however i remember at least 1 or 2 a night, which is good for me (iv had maybe 2 LDs…but they were when i was alot younger and had no idea what it was…my shoelaces made me fly lol…just tied really big bows :tongue:)

Good luck tho, i dont really have any advice…keep with it :grin:

have you tried taking a break ???

i find it so much easier to wild if i just smoke a joint befoer i go to bed, then just lie there with my headphonees off n listen to soem chill music and pass out… either that or oyu know when ur watchign a movie and u have to strugglee to keep your eyees open your so tired, thats the best time for me

thnx for all the advice, it actually some of the best i’ve gotten yet at this site but one thing…

…are you freakin serious, you mean just stop trying for a while? how is that going to help :confused:

and no, the coffee tech did not work… :tongue:

oh i’m very “freakin serious”, and if i had a nickel for every person i advised to take a break and they told me i was crazy then came back a couple days later telling me that they had their first LD when they stopped trying… well… i’d have about 15 cents

i know it sounds counterintuitive, but lemme give you an analogy. if your consciousness was a parent, and your subconscious the disobedient child. the parent can preach and preach and yell and yell “you need to clean your room” “you need to eat vegetables” “you need to get a haircut” and the child is going to roll his eyes and tune out the parent. so as a parent, the ultimate test of everything you’ve been trying to do is if the child does it when he goes off to college and you’re not there to yell in his ear

that’s not a very good analogy, but i hope you get what i’m trying to say. there is such a thing as trying too hard, try a vacation

ya know what…that actually does sound like a good idea.

i hope i can do it though… i have past the line that separates want to have a dream from need to have a dream. i’m gonna have a hard time not doing reality checks… :tongue:

good luck :yinyang:

Make that 20 cents, my friend  :wink: . I was in the same situation you were. I had perfect dream recall, but all I gained out of it was some occasional LDs that were less than 3 seconds long. Thanksgiving break came around and I decided to just sleeeeeep and not even bother about LDs. A few days into the break I had my first full lucid dream lasting about 5 minutes with extraordinary detail and vividness. You'd be suprised how efficient a break can be in inducing a LD. Another way you could look at it could be the abscence of trying inducing the LD. You develop a routine of telling yourself every night that you will have a LD. If you do that for days and days and nothing happens, then your mind is going to notice something is different when you stop doing it. So your mind remembers to do MILD inside the dream. 

So anyway, I would say about a week would make a decent break. Its not too short and not long enough to hurt your recall so it will help out.