Just when I had lost interest in LDs.... Over 10 in a nite!!

Last night (well really this morning) I decided to sleep in and be 3 hours late for work due to drinking last night… boy was I happy. I had an estimated 10 LDs. One of which was pretty funny and most were VERY sexual. It seems that they are lasting longer and longer now and I am actually able to make it to the actual act of sex before the fade out. Its funny, I can actually feel the strength of the LD when I am in it and know when I am getting ready to fade out, I could regain myself for a few seconds more because I knew it but still not enough to hold it permanently. I would always go right back into another LD. I remembered something someone posted here once: That even though it feels fake now, remember how real it felt at the time, how real does what you did 10 minutes ago feel now? He was right, it was very real. Our brains are absolutely amazing, they create the exact thing that is created in the moveie the matrix, sorry for the babbling but LDs never cease to amaze me after I have them. Here are a few of the ones I can remember:

I am with a girl I know and we are talking in some weird room, I ask her, do you know that your dreaming ? She says no? and looks excited, so I start to explain to her and fade out.

I am running around having sex with every beautiful girl in sight, 2 acts completed :smile:

I ask this guy if he knows he is dreaming, then I say “let me show you, I will turn this plastic bin into a tortise” It was awsome, I did it and he was amazed. Then hes like “ssshhhh dont let other people hear you say this”, I dont understand why this is because I never had the predispotion that these characters would act like this, yet they do act like its a secret most of the time. Anyways I begin to write down the lucidity website for him and I cant even write so I kept trying and knew I was wasting my lucid time so I left…thats all i can remember.

I am supposed to have sex with this pretty girl and she is gone all the sudden, I go into this room where I think she will be and some weirdo from one of my classes is in a chair, I break his neck and continue to search for her, realizing I will never find here because its a dream (I broke his neck because I was annoyed and I knew it wasnt real, still kinded weirded me out but I figured I d try something other than sex (murder, go figure)

yeah that was a bit unsettling there, the neck thing.

“Our brains are absolutely amazing, they create the exact thing that is created in the moveie the matrix”

Mine aren’t.

Though I was watching the matrix and for some reason Morpheus was naked… it was weird. Thanks for reminding me, because my recall was horrible today.

This is interesting, it backs up two theorys of mine.

Giving up is somehow related to success

Dream characters aren’t solely controlled by our minds predispositions.

One of my dreams that backs up my stuff is one I had last night, there was this girl who for months I’ve been too much of an idiot to talk to or ask out, I was certain that she would never go out with me but in my dream she did(what’s weird is I was planning to ask some all powerful guide for advice on this beforehand). It got me thinking I might have a chance after all :smile:

Yeah. When you stop thinking about soemthing or try and repress, quite often it forces its way into your dreams (which explains the large amount you had in one night).

Also, to help you remember how real it felt, consider how real it feels once your lucid. it helps me :smile:.

Also… you seemed to be very randy that night…