Just wondering...

have someone been on a rollercoaster in LD ?
if yes , how is it ?

I haven’t. Interesting idea, but why use a rollercoaster when you can fly insanely fast? :tongue:

to fight a fear , fear of hights…and just for fun…
flying isn’t like rollercaosting

It is when you dive-bomb from 100s of meters up, hurtling at the ground at speeds upwards of 350 kmph!
Fun! :spinning:
Or doing that and then going into a superfast spiral or random path!
For fun- maybe. But I prefer flying.

Right, flying is fun too.
But, I want to try a roller-coaster.

Not in an LD what I remember, but in ND’s :wink:

Quite like IRL, except that it isnt that scary in dreams (actually they feel slower :tongue: )

I would say flying is faster and funnier :biggrin: Ive even made vehicles I was in to accelerate from 0 to 200 kmh in just one second :cool_laugh:

you could always make the whole rollercoaster fly losei into the sky and freak everyone out :tongue:

but no, I haven’t done it…

Not an actual roller coaster, but I went through a tunnel in hypnogogia and it felt like a roller coaster. A really fast one!