Keep forgetting to do RCs <.<

As the topic says, I keep forgetting to do these reality checks throughout the day, which is getting really frustrating. Do any of you know some kind of technique that could help me to remember doing them? I’ve made myself a list of when I should do a RC, but I don’t know if it’s good enough, so I just post it here for you to judge:

  • When I wake up: ?/1

  • Every Time I Walk Outside: ?/?

  • Every Time I eat: ?/?

  • When I Take My Dog For A Walk: ?/1

  • Every Time I Look At The Clock: ?/?

  • When I Go To Bed: ?/1

This list would normally have me do about 15 RCs a day, but since I keep forgetting to do them, It’s not uncommon for me to end up with 3-5 :cry:

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One thing that helps me remember to do RC’s is I take a minute and really try to visualize what it would be like to complete them. For example, if you want to do an RC when you walk outside, imagine yourself walking outside and looking around yourself, noting the details in the environment. Notice any little nuance that you can, be it through your sense of sight, smell, touch, or anything else. Once you have your surroundings firmly in mind, imagine yourself doing an RC in the environment. I think this helps because you both tell your subconscious what you’ll be doing in the future and then when you get to whatever situation you just visualized, you will hopefully remember it because of the vivid visualization.

Well, Haddock, at first it’s like that. To make a habit out of performing RC’s you need some time… in fact you need a lot of time :tongue:.

So, try not to remind yourself at first. Let it come by itself - that’s how it will in dream life. How to do that ? Well, for example when you go with your dog for a walk simply write on the dog’s collar “Do a RC” and each time you tie it to the dog you read it and to a RC. Or when you eat, write on your spoon (use just one :tongue:) “Do an RC”. Do that and don’t think about remind yourself to do an RC. Just say to yourself you will read that and you will do an RC automatically.

In that way perhaps you’ll even see a text in dream life which would definitely help you :wink:

I have to agree with Don about that! I’ve only been into lucid dreaming for 6 months, but I still have a hard time remembering to RC on certain days. For me it depends on how busy I am, how well I slept the night before, etc. However, for me at least, it’s easier not to have to remember that may different RCs I only do a a couple at the time. i. e. Every time I drink something, and every time I see a mirror. I find it too hard to remember more. This way though I do at least a dozen a day, sometimes more.

Thank you, I’ll try that! :content:

Don: That seems like a good idea! But I guess I won’t exactly write “do a RC”, or any other sentences, since letters have this way of constantly changing themselves in dreams. There’s always a chance that these written bits of paper also appear in my dreams, if it becomes a habit for me of seeing them IRL. So just to be safe, I’ll draw a square or a circle, and maybe place them elsewhere in my house, where I know I’ll always notice them whenever I have to do a RC :content: Mom would probably also be more pleased, by the thought of writing on her cutlery…

Kauai: Hmm, I may keep that as a backup plan if everything else fails x) I myself don’t think I have that many to remember. I’ll think i can handle that once im used to it.

I’ve been LDing for two years and I still have a tough time remembering to RC. It just comes and goes. I mostly RC when I wake up and when I’m on LD4all. Whenever I remember to RC, I do. That’s how it is in a dream for me, anyway.

Good luck! :content:

Eh… I meant if you make a habit out of reading things with “Do an RC” and you do an RC, perhaps you’ll see a text even in dream-life and because usually texts are unstable there, you might become lucid :wink:.

Still, I would recommend using the new DEILD technique (you can find it here) which also requires to make a habit out of it. So why don’t you practice DEILD at night and RC’ing at day ? You could hit two birds with one stone :smile:

Good luck with it !

Look for a common or multiple common dream symbols in real life and do an RC whenever you come upon it. For instance, my common dream symbol is a bathroom so whenever I am in one, I will do an RC. I also do an RC whenever something ever seems strange or whenever I get frustrated (have you ever tried dialing a phone number inside of a dream and have to keep punching it in over and over until you get it right? Yeah, that’s the frustrated feeling I’m talking about). I find it easier to do than to make a schedule of when to do it. It makes the RC a bit more spontaneous and natural, you know what I mean?

In my opinion, it’s better to FORGET to do an RC than to make it a habit and completely forget to question your reality.

Never seen that technique before, but I’m going to practise doing it, thx for the link :smile:

TTM: After reading through my dream journal of what I got so far, I don’t really see much of dream symbols. But I guess I could use family members and friends as it, as they often appear in my dreams :content:

Well what do you know ? Haddock, family member appear extremely often in my dreams too, even though most of them are… eh, at their own house. Anyways, I guess many people have family members in their dreams because they spend their whole childhood with them and thus will never forget them (if they don’t get hit on the head :tongue:).