Keep forgetting to Reality Check.

Let’s face it… Life is very busy.

When I am at school I don’t really think about Lucid dreaming, but when I come home it is all I can think about it.

I need to program myself to do more reality checks - I have the words “Reality Check” as the banner on my phone - so every time I go to txt or make a call I see it and do a RC…

This is not enough!

Does anyone have any tips on how to remember to do a RC - I want to do them every 15 mins if I can!


Set your watch for beeping every hour. Thats pretty normal for those who are around you, and not too rare.

Or you could draw a tiny little “D” or “R” or “C” or just some letter on your hand so that whenever you glance down and see it you think to do one. That’s working for me so far.