Keep Waking Up

I’ve visited the site on and off for a couple years but I thought I’d start getting involved.

First of all, it’s really hard for me to know when I’m dreaming. My train of thought is always straight and I’m actively involved in what’s going on in the dream, whether it’s saving a guy from getting shot or helping prisoners fight for their freedom, but I rarely seem to notice I’m dreaming. I do have excellent recall though, remembering sometimes 3 or 4 dreams from the night before.

The few times I do realize I’m dreaming, I almost always wake up shortly after. This is really frustrating for me because my normal dreams usually have enough happen in them to fill up half a book.

Does anyone know how I can avoid waking up when I notice I’m dreaming?

"The few times I do realize I’m dreaming, I almost always wake up shortly after. "
The first lucid dreams are often short due to the excitement of realising you are dreaming.

So use wake back to bed ( WBTB ) and MILD to get more lucid dreams.
Then work on stabilising the dream once you become lucid. Rub your hands together, touch surfaces in the dream, focus on details in your surroundings and use commands.

Nice to see you finally registered as a member. :wave:

Moogle is quite right. It’s usually over excitement. Anything that further embeds you in the scene such as touching items can be of value, though I personally find that this works better as a last ditch effort to save a dream, as opposed to maintain it.

My best advice would be to just relax. Relax and grow accustomed to what dreams feel like when you are aware. Touch some items but also exercise some of your other senses. Study the scene visually, listen to any subtle sounds and happenings. You get the idea.

Thanks guys that’s a big help! I’ll definitely try touching things and being more aware of my surroundings. I’ll tell you how it goes over the next week or so!