Keeping eyes closed

Does anyone ever have a hard time keeping your eyes closed when attempting WILD? If you open your eyes during WILD does it reset the whole process? The reason why I ask this is because yesterday night I was attempting to induce an OOBE/Lucid dream with the trance method in this book (basically WILD w/o the chants), but the vibrations I felt caused me to open my eyes. I tried to do it again, but never got the vibrations. :cry:

The ebook im reading (very good IMO) : … do_obe.pdf

what kinds of vibrations did you feel?

just your eyelids twitching?

or full body paralysis + vibrations?

You can feel vibrations but be nowhere close to projecting/ld at all… it depends.

For example think really hard about your hand… imagine that you are taking your hands, and running something through your hand that you are focusing on… really try and feel it… do a repetetive up and down motion through your hand.

Chances are withint a few minutes of doing this (even if it’s your first time) you’ll feel an “energy” there, even some vibration… but that is not to be confused with the vibrational state before OBE… oh my no… not at all.

It can be very confusing to feel much heaviness and vibration on you, think you are close, and realize that you are nowhere even close to paralysed and it’s all just psychological.

So… I think if you were doing it right you wouldn’t be able to really open your eyes… the vibrations usually come in after you are paralyzed, or right as paralysis sets in… and they are VERY noticeable, usually, very intense… you could be hitting them and opening your eyes I guess… I’m not sure why…

So what it sounds like to me is just that your eyelids are twitching? Try and roll your eyes back in your head and not look too much at the blackness, focus on your breathing maybe and your eyes should feel fine and easy to keep closed.

I’m not entirely sure what is happening to you though… if you feel vibrations and can’t move, you’re at the vibrations necessary for OBE.

I think you must be right about me not being where I thought I was. I definetly felt some vibrations, but no real paralysis (ive had SP before I knew about LD) so I guess I wasn’t close enough. The main reason why I let my eyes open because I’ve read that when you’re doing WILD you sometimes open your eyes into the dream, so when I was doing it I felt my eyes slowly opening and didn’t fight it. Next time Ill make sure to keep them closed. :content:

dude. the exact same thing happened to me today. i was listening to nature music, and i started feeling numb, and then i started seeing this really bright landscape, then BAM i opened my eyes. i was pissed.

but tonight… tonight it’ll finally happen.

RC!!! If something like that happens definitely do an RC>…

but yeah your dream eyes can sometimes open, or I guess you could even have an FA and never know that you ever entered a LD… I"ve had that happen a few times in the morning, but never while I was trying to have one, I was just trying to go back to sleep.

It’s a huge deal to have your eyes open/closed… the key is relaxation, once you get relaxed enough you won’t be able to keep them open anyway… (or maybe you can sleep with your eyes open? I’m not sure how that is done)

but most people find it a lot easier to relax and “focus” with their eyes closed.