Keeping focused!

I know I’m new to the forum and all, but I have had LD experience :grin:. I’ve always had trouble with keeping myself focused. I end up becoming lucid by realising that I’m dreaming, spinning around and then I try and do something. Flying is the first thing I do. Yeah, that works, :grin: but when I come down to the ground again somehow I don’t have the stregnth anymore to keep focused :cry: . While everything fades I’m thinking “Not again,” or “Awww, I was enjoying that!” I try to spin or shout increase lucidity, but it’s all very strange! :confused:

Could someone please :help: me!
:wiske: [/list]

Don’t fly?
Start by exploring your environment, touching stuff and speaking to people.

Yea, I agree with MovieMe, maybe you’ve gotten into the habit of waking up after you land from flying, so you naturally do it or something.

I have a feeling it’ll work :happy:

It did! Thanks very much! I can follow through now! woop!

Congratulations! :happy: