Keeping your eyes still

Anyone has technique for keeping your eyes still?

I feel as if When ever I am going to attempt a WILD my eyes cant seem to stay put, at times I focus to hard to keep em still and I start to make a squinty face with my eyes close and when this happens if I try any further my eye brows start twitching and going nuts to keep em down.

If I were to let them loose, it just chases all the colorful phospenes my eyes like to make. And it gets in the way with my WILD progress at times :grrr:

Well, I’d really just recommend to not worry about it. Obviously you’re able to fall asleep normally without your eyes going crazy. Now, if it really is giving you a hard time, you might consider trying to visualize things instead. That should provide a good amount of distraction for you at least.

The other thing is you might be too awake when you’re trying WILD. Are you doing it when you first go to bed? If so, I’d recommend trying again roughly 4-6 hours after you first go to sleep.

Thanks for the suggestion! I tried visualizing my own little story or fantasy in my head, there was a point where it felt like I was focused it and almost got submerged into it.

I have exactly the same problem every time i start to visualize something i look at it and it fade.
i found some solutions :
Try to look further in the black behind you eyelids.
Try to make circle with your eyes in order to stretch them. After a couple time your eyes will be more relaxed allowing them to stay still. I works for me