Ken Wilber and The all seeing I...I

Integral Institute. I’m going there to become an intern as a video editor. If any of you guys know of II and watch any of the videos on or order them… its possible in a few months you’ll see my name on the credits.

I’m really nervous because this is the first time i’m permanently moving away from home. And I don’t know anyone over there yet. The only thing I’m positive of is my capability to do the work. So thats some comfort.

I wish you all the best with your work Void infinite!

Good luck and dont worry, go for it!
At least its interesting what you edit!


Oh you’re working at the Integral Institute?? Impressive! Yes I know of Wilber, his work and his institute, but I don’t have his vids.

Good luck with your new work! It will take some time before you’re settled, but then I’m sure it will be great :smile:

Take care!