Killing a lucid dream

When I was younger I sometimes had a lot of nightmares. In some of these nightmares I was also realising I was dreaming. I was “stuck” in a dreamworld! I didn’t know about lucidity then, but that was horrifying. I was running rampant around in my dream, trying to wake up, trying to get out of the dream. Did this happen to any one else? Does someone know an effective way to kill it? Because being stuck in a dream, and knowing that you are dreaming is just terrifying, if the dream is a bad one.

PS: the dream was about two robots chasing me in an labyrinth while the dream shifted place between a camping place and the labyrinth itself…

It dosent happen to me now, but when i was much younger i had the situation. I just tried to open my real eyes. I could sometimes open them for a while (and saw my bedroom), but they closed quickly and i was back in the dream. After few tries it worked. Sadly, i din’t know anything about LDing in those days, if this hapened to me now, i’d probably tried to stay in the dream.

Judging from alot of other LDer’s experiences, closing your eyes seems to be an effective way to kill an LD.

On the other hand, if you’re brave enough, you might try to confront your nightmare, knowing it’s only a dream. :smile:

Honestly, why would you want to kill the dream if you were Lucid? You can change the dreamscape to be something entirely different, I know I would want to stay inside my dream if I knew it was a dream :tongue:. But this happened to you when you were younger, why ask about it now? Does it still continue to happen to this day? :bored:

The good technique for overcoming nightmares is confronting them. It doesn’t require a lot of courage if you realize it’s just a dream.

If you realize that you are not lucid enough, just shout “Lucid! Lucid! Lucid!” until you become very lucid. Then you can modifiy directly your emotion, by realizing that a LD is funny and it’s no need to be afraid. Or you can make the monster your friend and ask him questions: What does he represent? Why is he in your dream? etc. Or you can fight with the monster and when you defeat him, ask him for a present. :smile:

I would also, if I could have a lucid dream now. I would have just plain fun. But back in the days when I was younger and didn’t know about my own power over my own dreams, I wouldn’t have thought that. Sometimes I just wanted to get out of my dream, because I was dreaming a terrible nightmare and didn’t know I could destroy it myself.

Thanks Hexaditidom for that tip :smile:

When I was younger I used to close my eyes and either wake up or have an FA. Both worked!!