Killing/Maiming/Transfiguring Dream Characters

This is my big thing that I hate, Dream Characters. Some times I just wish they’d go away and leave me alone.

Some times I just want to be alone yet there they are, annoying the piss out of me.

Well, I was reading my Calvin and Hobbes comic book because they simply rock. And I came across a great idea.

I want to go around in a dream with a modified version of Calvin’s Transmogifier and just vent my frustrations on Dream Characters. I want to turn them into chickens, mice, David Bowie… anything but what they are.

Why I hate DC’s? My first actual lucid dream where I had control I was driving a car and I decided to make the car fly. My brother came over to my window and totally obscured my view, I was trying to do everything to get rid of him but he wouldn’t leave. He made my first 100% lucid dream a disaster.

And in another dream I tried to turn a DC into a mouse, I was doing everything. Chanting at it, pointing at it and commanding it to turn into a mouse, nothing would work. It made me feel like this isn’t possible.

I read a post on here about making dream characters “pop” how would I do that? I hate them so much.

:rofl: Hello sadistic friend! :content:

I have trouble controlling things too, so I can’t really tell you much. I’m picturing the scene though, and it’s hilarious!

Anybody got any tips for blowing up DCs? :razz:

I just want to vent my frustrations, when I’m done I will see no need to continue.

But some times DC’s can be annoying and I’m sure someone can attest to that.

IF you have found a fun way to deal with DC’s please share them with me. Would it be possible to contain them in a glass sphere the size of a tennis ball then put them on a shelf?

And would it be possible to have another dream, go to the shelf, and they still be there?

Then I could start a collection a la Pokemon

Depends, you should be able to…When you were dreaming about your brother were you seeing him as a dc or your brother. I once had a low level lucid moent where i controled my dream characters. There was a group of them and I just thought "Hey, they are mine, I can make them do whatever I want. I made them laugh and dance like puppets but only for a min. I imagine though if I had been really lucid and focused on them I could have changed them to whatever I wanted

I was thinking of him as my brother.

I never think of them as dream characters, I think of them as people. They become DC’s when I wake up. Because when I’m up they are no longer real… as if they were ever real in the first place. It’s weird I know, but I can’t explain it.

I think it might help if you think of your DCs as non-real and just a illusion of your mind. They are not the people you know in RL, and you CAN control them in any way possible.

But maybe it will be easier if you start with little things, like telling them to move out of your way etc, before you turn them into chickens. :cool:

Can you create objects? Then conjure an Ion Cannon satelite in the heaven and order it’s de-materializing beam on your DC-s. :biggrin:

I can summon items if I really want them. The thing is I have to really want them and believe that I have one. The best thing I’ve conjured was a wand from Harry Potter, boy was that a fun LD.

It would be cool to have Iron Man’s ION BEAM CANNON from Marvel vs. Capcom, although it is huge and would probably not be feasable.

DC’s only stay annoying because you fear them to be as such. Expect them to be nice and do what you command, or even better, KNOW that you are in control and all is in your head, and everything will go as you wish.

Yea, instead of wanting them away, ask do they know that they are in your dream, and ask what they want. Usually they turn up helpful. At least i have never had problems with them and even the most violent DC-s turned up friendly and helpful when i started to talk with them.


You realize that these DCs are all a part of your mind don’t you?

I bet if you asked them nicely, they’d stop bothering you :smile:

Asking nicely doesn’t work, it’s one thing I’ve tried.

For some reason in my dreams I’m paranoid when it comes to DC’s. The majority of them just down right ignore me if they’re not being annoying, and this can actually be more annoying then them annoying me(contradiction!!)

Imagine doing everything in your power to get the attention of someone and they just ignore you like you are not there. Don’t try to imagine this in the dream state though, because I know some of you could probably empty a room of DC’s with a snap of a finger.

I’d say you have two problems. your paranoia of the DCs, and your expectation that they will act the way they act.

Why not just ignore the DC, if they are so intent on ignoring you?

Better yet, just use them to your advantage…ask them things and test them, see what they’ll do. You may be surprised with the results.

LOL, that was funny, I guess I havnt had enough LDs to get frustrated with my DCs yet, I still like talking to them. DCs are a trip. I think that was the funnest post Ive ever read here. Thanks I needed to laugh.

Just know that DC’s won’t be coming in your way, and they won’t be,

heh, I rarely have unpolulated dreams; doesn’t bother me so much, other than when the DCs are tryingto kill me… which is often. The times I managed to get a weapon of some sort though, they seemed to not mind horribly. I feel the actual physical pain of, say, beign shot, cut, stabbed, and riddled with needles… yet spraying them with a machine gun doesn’t move them an inch… Very annoying.

Today somehtign different happened though… this fat bastard was holding me down, threatening and torturing me in a theater… I eventually managed to get away from him and find a gun, threw him on the floor and shot him right through the head. and he stayed down! My first dream kill, I’m so proud.

Not entirely sure why this time I managed to do what I’ve tried so often, though… Maybe the key is that I was truly deeply hating the bastard when I shot him, that I was really very commited to making him a Dream Corpse? as opposed to other occasions where I’m simply trying to defend myself…

Try that; instead of tryign to zap a DC into oblivion, concentrate on pure hatred toward the blasted thing, and shoot it in the back of the head with a shot gun. Know that it’ll STAY down.

[a good idea would be to not worry about getting the weapon in the first place, I find. Simply shoot.]