I had a dream about two nights ago that I don’t remember very well, but it was night and I was with some of the gang from the show Angel, and we were running from something, or looking for something (something as in either a weird person or creature), or both. We went in some tunnel and some stuff happened, and then I think I killed somebody (what we were hunting I suppose. I think it was a stereotypical witch). A few things happened after that but I think I was hiding from the law, and then I was in this big house (kind of the style on Charmed, but it wasn’t that house), and I felt guilt and scared. Then I think something happened causing me to not have to run from the law no more.

What on Earth would cause me to have a dream like that?

Either TV/internet, or someone had mentioned it to you during the past week. Dreams are supposed to be wierd, so don’t be surprised.

Dreams also have metaphors in, just like storys.