Kind of having issues with feelings towards Dream Characters

I know this may seem silly to some people but please hear me out. So, we all know that sometimes we feel attached to fictional characters and have 'crushes for fun, nothing serious. That’s with me. I sort of have crushes on these characters from a series known as EQG because I thought it was fun to entertain this idea. Nothing too extreme. Of course I still do like real women, but this was something I enjoyed having on the side. I’m 18 and I just started uni and I’ve been kind of feeling a little bothered that I won’t be able to still enjoy this fun as the EQG are 17 and in HS and I’m starting uni and I liked having crushes that weren’t creepy. A lucid dreaming goal of mine is to imagine I guess kind of wanting to see what it would be like to date one of them and I worry that I may be too old now to achieve this dream,which sort of bugs mes. It doesn’t give me angst or depression or anything but i do worry a little that now I’m too old to still have this little fun and accomplish this dream goal. I know it seems trivial but what do you guys think?

There’s nothing creepy or wrong in an 18yr old having a crush on a 17yr old, real or fictional…

Lucid dreams are the perfect way to experience things like this, that you are not able to do in real life. So go for it. Have fun. :content:

I was wondering if it was creepy/weird as I am 18 and just started university and these characters are 17 yr old hs seniors. As I said before, it is a motivation for me to lucid dream and I was worried that I have to give it up as I might be too old now.

Its more bothering to think that 1 age difference is a problem. Nobody is too old to do what he likes.

I Know what you guys mean, but tbh, I’m not ok with much older people crushing on 17 year old fictional or not, and due to me being in uni, I was wondering if I was in that category.

Do what you feel best, don’t go against yourself.
Also, you are not the only one growing up, so keep that in mind. Fictional or not, everybody grows - for example you can see in many books where the characters grow alongside the author.

They’ll be fictional and imaginary, so what’s stopping you from aging them up? Generate some fanfiction continuation where they’re in University too, or even that they graduated and decided to continue on to Master’s and part-time jobs and joining the army (without lying about their age) and imbibing alcohol and getting married and divorcing and canceling credit cards and dodging tax collectors. Grown-up stuff.

I know, but as I said before, I want to do something in my dream that would be ok in real life and I guess I don’t want to feel the need to age them up as I want it to feel normal. When I turn 19, I’m not sure if I’ll need to and I guess I am little worried because I said above, it’s a motivation for me to Lucid Dream and I worry when I turn 19, I’ll be too old for it I guess.

I agree with EllyEve, write some fan fiction and give those characters your own spin if you’re too worried about them being younger than you to enjoy a fantasy.

From your repeated insistence though, it seems like you might be feeling the rush of age. New place, new responsibilities, you’re suddenly an “adult” now and are over that arbitrary line our society draws.

Some advice? Don’t worry about it. We grow, learn, share, explore, and enjoy life at our own paces. I’ve met people years younger than me that were more mature and some older than me who were less.

There’s a lot of kids out there mucking around life in adult bodies and fearing that “age” thing that everyone goes on about.

Despite you being over that invisible line, 17 and 18 isn’t really that big of a difference in the scheme of things. Enjoy your crush, and actually enjoy it. If it’s become stressful you should sit down and have a chat with your emotions and figure out why, if it’s something you want to hold on to or not and decide where to go from there.

(PS: If the age thing still is bothering you, I looked up EQG and found that you might be referring to “Equestria Girls”. If so, then you should know that the film was released in 2013. So if the character you’re attracted to was 17 at that time, then they’re technically 20 now. So they’re actually older than you. Your crushes appear to be a step ahead.)

@Spacey Racey, yeah Equestria Girls is what I mean.

What is often used a rule of thumb in society to judge if an age difference is acceptable is the half your age plus seven rule. … ationships

It’s pretty much what it sounds like. Take your age, divide it in half, and add 7, and that’s the youngest age that it’s socially acceptable to have relations with. At 18, 18/2+7 = 16, so 17 is well within what most people would find acceptable.

For what it’s worth, my girlfriend and I started dating when I was 17 and she was 16, and we are still together and that has never been an issue for other people. If the age differential is the only thing keeping you from pursuing this dream goal, you should 100% go for it. Nothing wrong with a one year difference.

I see 18 is fine but my concern is when I turn 19, I might be too old as I still haven’t lucid dreamt and I worry by the time I do,when I turn 19, I will be too old for this goal if that make sense.

Do what you love, especially if youre dreaming. Limiting what your mind desires wont serve you - (unless youd like to hurt people, of course). But even then dreams are and always will be your best outlet.