kind of weird

okay well ive been trying to have an LD for about a month now and nothing. I do RC’s and keep a dream diary. I use the WILD technique. It seems like I come so close to having an LD because after a while of laying down my body feels like my bed is sucking it down kind of like gravity is getting stronger. I see images and all of a sudden I feel as if im falling off a building; but then i snap right out of it and realize im still laying in my bed, has this happened to anyone else?

Hehe. Ya dude I got the same problem. I’m not sure of a way past it though. Just keep trying WILD, and eventually you’ll make it all the way.

What ive noticed for the 2 times that wild has been successful is that when I get that strange feeling…the sinking or spinning or falling whatever you may get I just repeat to myself ‘I am dreaming, I am dreaming, I am dreaming’. The 2 times ive done that, its worked. best of luck

wow i felt like it was just me aha thanks for the help guys

Faria, i have this all the time.
I call it ‘falling into the energy bath’.
In all my lucid dreams, I am aware that i start sinking below my bed, into this empty void of space… but the closer i get, the more i can feel it’s intensity. Once i am fully immersed in the bath, it’s like pure energy. i’m overwhelmed by painful noise, ‘blinding nothingness’, extreme pain, etc. I believe this is a pre-LD OOB (some people say they experience this phenomena). Whenever i conciously got excited when i felt myself nearing the bath, i would instantly be sucked back uptop the bed.

Your issue here to me seems nothing more than genuine excitement, which is nothing bad… Just, try to understand that it is more exciting to be able to wake up and remember your fantastic dreams, than to be so excited you don’t have them…

Keep up the hard work… Immerse yourself in the experience.

To get a LD, I reccommend reading in these forums every evening just before going to bed. It has helped me a lot, and I had a few LDs without using any special technique just by doing this. Maybe we should call this FILD. :cool:

Also, if you feel you don’t get ahead with WILD just give it a break and try something different for a while. Trying the same thing every night and never getting a good result can be quite frustrating, which doesn’t improve your chances to get an LD.

yeah i would advise for you to just immerse yourself in the words dreaming, lucid, asleep, stuff liek that, and just constantly read about lucid dreaming. I’ve had many LD’s and i still haven’t ever had a WILD succeed.
Usually, until a person has had their first LD, they try too hard and make work for themselves and end up not having them.
Just try to fall asleep with the most sincere desire to have a LD, and it will work eventually.

good advice MedO and ttvenom im gonna try again tonight maybe ill have some luck.