Knock Knock

I don’t even know why I’m sharing this. Guess I’m just looking to find if anybody has had this as well. Last night: I was in bed, just on the edge of sleep. I had no HI but was just a minute or so away from officially going over the edge into sleep. Suddenly I feel this tap or more like a hit on my head and am snapped back to waking reality. My first thought would be that it was just HI, cause I often hear and feel things right before I fall asleep but no accompanyment of imagery makes me question what it was. It totally freaked me out and after that, I felt like there was a presence near me. It’s quite possible my mind is just a convoluted place to be when I get scared, but I have no way of finding out what it was or if it’s fairly common. I think I may have been hit twice. . .on the face as well. Anyhow, do any of you ever feel hit or tapped or whatever right before you fall asleep? (I know, that sounds odd. I don’t know how else to ask it.) :wink:

sno_isulli thats more common then u think!

I heared enough ppl having this also.

I have it often when iam very tired and may not sleep yet lol
Then just before sleeping its like iam hit, or someone shocks me with electricity. Can be quite freaky.
Even in sleep it can stil happen, but then its your heart muscle relaxing to strongly and your body reacts with a puff of adrenaline and you shock awake! Often then ppl think…wow what happend and are freaked.


Hey, thanks for the reply. Good to know.

Hey sno,

I have had similar things happen to me. Iv’e never actually felt a tap or something touch me physically IRL, but I know that sometimes when I am on the verge of drifting off to sleep, I may be semi-dreaming, and I will think of tripping over something or seeing something that scares me, and I will wake up with a shock, like you did.

its funny after it happens though, for me at least.


jeff is that what that feeling is? the adrenaline? When I am “meditating” to sleep, attempting to go straight into an LD, my progress is usually stiffled by the knocks and shock and then a big rush of something that takes my breath away. (what can I say, I’m learning to use the drugs inside my body :cool: )

I get that a lot too, but for me its always when i got hypnogog. Like I’ll hear someones voice and it will get really vivid to the point of bringing me to waking consciousness. But as for there being nothing and then myself feeling something, ive had a couple experiences where i would kind of just flinch or something awake. Ive also had a few experiences where its like i would just hear a sudden gunshot like sound and wake up with a start. Wait i remember this one experience where it felt like someone tapped me on the shoulder, no hypnogog, and i remember then being in full consciousness, expecting the tap to occurr again thinking it was one of my family trying to wake me for some reason (i was also listening because they usually say ‘hey wake up’ or something relevant to why they are waking me up) but when i did not feel the tap again or hear anything i muttered ‘what?’ and then at the same time opening my eyes and looking to my right towards the door and seeing nothing. Surprise set in at that point and i looked to see if there was some bug biting me or something but there was nothing of the sort.

Toadstool of course i cant be 100% sure, because i didnt experience your experience, but yes you have a great chance its adrenaline!
Some of my friends also do wild and one is good at it but the first years had adrenaline rushes pump up his heartbeat and that pulled him out of the experience each time. I never had that, i think because i dont fear so easely but have great trust here and second i dont focus at my heart or heart chakra!


i seem to get a similar sensation too, when almost in sleep state. A sudden tap or bang (often its my moniter cracking when its cooling down) will startle me. At the point exact point when the noise occurs, i will see in my vision (eyes closed) a split secont flash which resembles the static (or snowy) picture on an untuned tv channel. Also getting the sudden electric shock feeling and adrenaline rush which u all described.

I used to have that when I attempted WILD’ing for the first time when I had no idea what WILD was. Lol. :happy: It would often just jolt me enough to be snapped out of trance and the entire experience would be ruined. But it only really happened to me once as I recall… after that I found it easy to go by with. It’s not like I’m going to die from it. You know? :lol:

Next time, try ignore that. :smile: It’s a natural process… at least it is to me. So, let it happen and go with the flow. :happy:

So this is what that is. I used to get to semi-sleep and then I would suddenly jump awake, like I was being snapped back into my body.

Adrenaline Techodreamer, when in your sleep your heart muscles relax to strongly the body reacts with adrenaline to litt pump up the volume lol.


It reminds me of sleep paralysis - feeling like there’s a pressence in the room and the physical sensations. :confused: When it happened to me I had no sound or images. But I couldn’t move either.

Mm whispa SP isnt always fun, but once u let fear behind you it sure can become fun, i use it to reenter a ld.


Does anybody actually get the flash image I described above, when this jolt occurs?

Yes UnitedSoul, the flash image is not a stranger to me.
I also heared more ppl about this flash image when they have these ‘jolts’.
i dont have it often these days, in puberty i had it more.
Would be fun to put someone under a scanner when such a thing occurs to c more what happens in the brain itself.


Jeff wrote:

Yeah, I agree, could be interesting.

I get the jolts almost every night (mainly from my monitor cooling. People i live with can never keep quiet either :grrr: ). Im 25 but dont think puberty made any difference to how often i get them. Unless im still going through puberty :content: , all signs tell me ive completed that proccess though :grin:

They only seem to bother me when im trying lucid or obe techniques and im distracted. Otherwise i quite enjoy the rush that the jolts give me :smile:

I’ve had the jolts/gunshot sounds too that snap me awake. Mostly when I was very sick. A light tap could be the same sort of thing too or even HH without HI if that makes any sense.

If none of the above, anyone considered the remote possibility of spirits in this state though? I read one paper which stated the hypnagogic state can be favourable to the possibility of spirit communication.

As I mentioned in the lucid lab, not so long ago I had a tap on my leg when I was lying in bed just before falling asleep. Instead of waking up I went deeper towards sleep and the tapping increased. I then fell asleep into a lucid dream where the tapping was coming from a young man (spirit supposedly) that was in distress. We had a talk for a while and I tried to comfort him by giving him a pat on the back, then I felt like I was pulled out of my body and entered a different lucid dream.

Of course this whole episode could have been a product of fantasy and my imagination but it’s made me wonder.

Happened to me the other night. I was laying there, happily drifting back to sleep, when to one side of me there was a loud mettalic bang. Sounded like someone was hitting a thin (but big) piece of metal (tin?) with something very big. I was tired, and ti scared the hell outta me.

I then had a very strong temptation to beat up a mongolian tree with a tea leaf.

Okay… so I made that last bit up…

After re-reading this post, I’m pretty sure that I’m mixed up about a new experience I had last night that I consider similar to this. Here goes:

I had gotten up at 2:00 or 4:00 (can’t remember which) and thought about lucid dreaming and closed my eyes to go back to sleep. It was not more than a minute later that I heard a very loud exhalation right by my ear. My face was kind of burried in my pillow so the first thing I considered was me having done it, so I took a deep breath but heard nothing like that. I wasn’t anywhere near to HI and I consider myself to be wide awake while this happened. I don’t really know what to think about this one so if anybody’s had something similar to this, please share.

*Hmm, the thought just came to mind that it might have been an FA but I’m ruling that out right away because I never get them and can always tell the difference between the dreamworld and the non-dw as soon as I question reality. My first thought after I analyzed it was, “I have to post this tomorrow” so I know that would have tipped me off if I was dreaming.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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