Knocked off my feet trying to Stabilise


I took a long break from LDing but I am back again and ready to improve!

This is my problem:
A couple of days ago I had an LD in which I appeared in an office building. There was no real start to the dream. All I remember is being in an office building room and knowing straight away from the start I was dreaming.

I decided to further stabilise the dream by picking out something with detail and focusing on it and the intricacies of it.

I chose the light in the office building because it was one of those long rectangular lights which has a plastic mesh covering it and the plastic mesh seemed like a pretty intricate pattern to concentrate on at the time.

I tried to stabilise the dream by focusing on the pattern of this mesh cover. I usually stop stabilising when I know the dream is stable, but this time I wanted to make it extra stable, so I tried to go even further with noticing the intricacies of the pattern… I suddenly got a dizzy spell and almost toppled over… I thought to myself that was strange and tried again… It happened again!

After that I figured ok this is good enough and I ran off to explore the office building… The dream ended shortly after.

Has anyone else had this sensation before? Is there a limit to stabilising and if so does it make your dream self in a sense destabilise itself?

Let me know your thoughts!

Remember: There are no limits in LD’s. It was probably just a random occurrence that won’t happen again if you don’t think too much about.

Ok Cool :smile:

Thanks for the advice!
If it happens again I’ll find away around it next time, like rubbing my hands or spinning around.