Knowing that you will WILD

In my attempts this morning, I discovered that, when I am attempting WILD, somewhere within my HI I reach a point where I can literally hear and feel my mind hit a kind of “switch”… After that, so long as I hold still and maintain focus, I’ll always at least get past the WILD transition into my dream state. I don’t know what it is, exactly… Maybe just the sensation of my brain releasing some sort of chemical or signal that eventually induces REM sleep?

Anyway I was wondering if anyone else has any signals that sort of tell them where they are in the process of successfully entering a dream like that? :smile:

Post whatever signals you experience when attempting to LD!

the only “chemical” thing that gets released is a hormone that paralyses your muscles (tingly, like electricity), after that the HI’s are starting.

This sensation comes during HI but long before SP, though.

I know what you are talking about, for me it’s kind of like my “ears popping, but inward” and I hear this low frequency hum.

Personally, I hear loud tinnitus, after which I’m almost always in a dream.