Knowing the time that you will wake

The first time this happened, i was on holiday when i was 7, and i decided, in my eccentricity, to wake up at 7:27 am. I woke up, spent about 3 minutes in the bathroom, ten realised that id decided to wake up at 7:27, and looked at the clock. It was 7:30, meaning that i probably did wake up at 7:27 according to the clock.

Recently ive tried to do the same thing, and with pretty high success rate and accuracy.

Is this normal? Do any other ppl get this ever?

(and there were several occasions where i woke up a second before my alarm went off, when i had my alarm, but this could be due to the fact that my phone makes a very very quiet tone (only just audiable at night), during that second.)

Um. Is this normal? Probably not. :razz: Do people get this? Well, at least I do.

For example, in my dream I saw someone wearing a jersey with the number “07” and I instantly woke up. When I checked the clock, it was 7:00 sharp.

There was also another time that I checked my clock in a dream and it read like 6:22. I woke up about 3 mins later and the clock IRL read 6:25.

I constantly wake up seconds before my alarm clock as well…

Hmm today when I woke up I knew it was 10 o’clock. I don’t know how because it was dark and we don’t have any clocks that show any light or anything. Then I asked Joe if it’s 10 o’clock, and he checked and said “it is. How did you know?”.

But I’m guessing some of these things could just be coincidences… if I guess what time it is every morning, I’m bound to get it right sooner or later.

Internal clock maybe? I experience this a lot on school days, or when I have some event to wake up for extra early. At night for some reason I find it easier to tell what time it is(2AM, etc).

Def. not internal clock for me. I’m used to waking up at 9 on weekends, esp. during summer break… I wake up at 6 on school days, but it’s summer break.

Hrm, this has happened a few times for me. But only when i need to wake up for something very important. In fact when i need to wake up for something important i never use my alarm clock. I just say “Ok, i really really need to wake up at (insert time here)” And i do.

And then again, it does happen spontaneously from time to time

What happends to me is that i wake up a minute before i would have been awoked.

I think thats pretty normal

This morning I intended to awaken at 4 so I could DJ. After lying half awake for a few minutes, I snapped to full consciousness at about 4:11. Willpower is an amazing thing.

I do that too.

It surely is amazing :grin:

It’s probably a part of your internal clock. Studies have shown that dreams occur in real time, so your brain may be keeping track of how much time has passed. If you will yourself to wake at a certain time (which, to your mind, is “this many hours/minutes/seconds/milliseconds later”), then you will, with disturbing accuracy.

I’ve heard that dreams take place 3 times more quickly than real time. But anyway, the whole waking up thing is done by using your subconscious, while your conscious mind sleeps your subconscious is constantly working, making you breathe etc. Seeing as we only use 10% of our brain or whatever if we give the subconscious a simple task to do either by saying I want to wake up at 3 or just by knowing that or worrying about it, it’s going to do it. If you don’t believe it’ll work, though, it probably won’t, because your subconscious is confused or something by the mixed messages of you saying “i will wake up at 3” and “this isn’t going to work, i won’t wake up at all”. Then again, my knowledge on the matter only comes from one brief year of psychology and reading one book on the subconscious mind. Still I find it very interesting especially internal body clocks like my friend was making a pot noodle the other day and was reading the instructions and said ‘leave for two minutes’ then later i just said without thinking while we were mid conversation “it’s time to stir it” and he looked at his watch and it was exactly 2 minutes. Hurray for internal clocks (and pot noodles mmm)

Back in the olden days when I was actually used to getting up early, I had my alarm clock set to go off at six. This meant, without question, that I would wake up exactly twenty minites before six every day. Why I’m not entirely sure, but it gave me twenty minutes to lie there and do nothing, so I was happy.

I have no conscious sense of time, so bioclock is my explanation.

People? It’s called Autosuggestion. Ever heard of it? :grin: Autosuggestion has nothing to do with “speaking something in your mind”, it can work with the pure intention.

That’s the price for all the friendlyness. The rules are to be followed. Yes, I obey you mods. Everything like it has to be. I only get confused when I see moogle making chatspeak.

Yeah that makes sense Robin (Unnecessary remark removed. :bruno:).

Sorry about that… anyway, i beleive that youre right because this effect can happen without intending it: you know that your alarm is at 6:30pm so you wake up then.

If you wake up at the same time every morning, then you might find that it is your body’s internal clock which has gotten used to waking up at 6am - biorhythms FTW!

I thought LaBerge proved dreaming was done in Real Time?

(Edit: Better toss in a quick statement before I open a can of worms. I don’t know the answer to ‘time in a dream’, its very controversial, it seems.)

Anyway, I wake up a minute before my alarm all the time. The only reason I need an alarm is for my WBTB. :smile: That, and I’m sure the day I didn’t set it would be the day I slept right through.

I’d steer towards internal clock instead of biorythms because of Daylight Savings Time. We change the clocks and I don’t miss a beat, still wake up a minute before my alarm.

I did many dream that was real-time … not long dream of 30 minutes but it was really real-time , it took 30 minutes to make a dream…

but yeah sometime they are not real-time.