Known that something would happen.

Hey guys Im not sure if this in the right place but I have a story to tell you all.

Earlier on today I was thinking about one of my friends dying today. Since hes so old you know I dont know it was just random I had thought about this when we was at there party. There was alot of people there. Then we heard like this loud noise like this tire being popped and we heard screaming. His dog had gotten ran over. Then his owner my friend ran out in the road and was cussing out the driver. And was willing to give his life away. It was sad. He carried his dog to the grass and punched a tree and layed there for hours. It was very sad. Then it dawned on me that I had thought of his dog dieing later on in the day. I regret thinking of that. Do you guys think I have some kind of physic ability. It happens rarely. usually when something bad is about to happen

Physic ability is very rare, if it exists that is. There’s only one direction I can point you In and it is to do a quick simple test. Get 3 plastic cups and put a ball under one of them. Now get a friend to mix them up. Now try to guess which one it is under the first strong thought if you are physic should be one. Of course do this about 5 times and then if you get under 3 then the change is your not physic. Sorry that you had to discover this in a bad way.

Rusty, I don’t think he is really worried about being psychic or not, just wondering why this is happening to him. Mental, I think this sort of thing works on the same level as precogs. Everyone has intuition, and I believe the worse the event, the stronger the “vibes” it gives off. Do I think this event happened because you were thinking about it? No. I think that this event was on your mind because you were worried it was going to happen, because of the sort of “vibes” it was giving off. /me gives Mental a cookie

I’m sorry this happened to your friend, but you shouldn’t stress. I really don’t think you brought on this event.

Thanks for the cookie :razz:

Anyways I’ve had this happen to me before but like it was small types of things. And Im not afraid to be physic I think that might be Kinda cool.