Kundalini in a dream? Cosmic Dream? I would love input

Hey everyone. I’m a spiritual hippy type of girl. I believe in alot of buddhism except buddha’s doctrine of no soul. I am very consious for my age, more than I would like anyways for 21. I meditate daily, excersise ashtanga yoga, a vegetarian, and very spiritually open minded. Do you think it is possible to awaken kundalini in a dream. Here is my situation.

Since I had this dream with this boy, he seems never to phase my mind. Subconsiously it is as if he locked my mind. Anyways… my dream.

We were both sitting in lotus positions floating in a black void as one person. THis incredible energy streamed through both of us, it was so the most amazing feeling in the world, it felt so cosmic and binding. It was like 10 million orgasms but better. It was like we were some sort of orgasmatron in the void by just meditation. One person said it sounded like I awoke my kundalini. I think it’s very possible. It was this surge of energy streaming through both of us.

Apart from my dream, my body twitches, even when I meditate, I get weird bodily sensations like electrical surges.

Does anyone know if it is possible to awake kundalini in a dream? If so, do you think I should think it was because of who I experienced it with, or is who I experienced it with in the dream insignificant to me spiritually?

I would really appreciate the input that anyone has. Could it be a spiritual connection? I am just phased about the energy that zapped through me with such voltage and what felt to me like comsic union.


Hey dharma_girl,

Awesome experience! I think it is very much possible to have a kundalini experience (awakening) in a dream. Generally, in the dream state we are closer connected to our inner selves and energy body. The person you dreamed of might be connected to it, it is hard to say really. This is something you will have to find out, either in your dreams or in meditation. What I do know is that kundalini shows itself ordinarily (if you don’t force it) when someone is ready for the experience. So, good luck with it and enjoy the ride! :smile:

Hey, thanks for your input again.

Has anyone had any experiences like this also? I appreciate all feedback. I am new to this lucid forum.