l.o.t.r. music

does anyone know how i can listen to this exact music:

Clint Mansell - Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers Trailer Music - Requiem For A Dream

i used to listen to it ages ago but i just remembered how good it was but i can’t remember how i listened to it :cry: :help: i can’t stand not listening to it again :crying: :cry:

Have you searched kazaa or other shareware programs?

i cant! theyr’e hunting down the people who use them and arresting them havent you heard?
p.s. im very desperate to hear that song again aahahaahhahahahaha

Karl dont worry them nazi (language edit) dogs… err i mean police wont find you , + they have much bigger fish to fry than someone downloading a song dont worry you wont get caught

hmm i think they’re only arresting people because theyre downloading songs you can buy so its sort of stealing but i dont think you can buy this song hmm but anyway i still want to know if theres any download on the net ones i looked all over but no find!!! i found one song but sorrry the server could not connect to the stupid whatever arrrg why i oughta kufkuyfkufkufgkuyfgukyfgkgfukglo;.ujhgd

I don’t know the legalities of it all, but I was under the impression that it was only illegal to ‘serve’ the music by having it availabe for others to download, not actually downloading it.

Does anyone know the specifics of this file sharing dilemma?

Sorry Karl, I cannot help you with finding the file anywhere, I don’t really download any songs off the internet unless they are from ligit sources where the artist themselves have made them available for download.


Warning/disclaimer. The following information below isnt intended to encourage anyone to download any file illegally. It just gives an indication how other criminals work. You should NOT try and proceed with this information to download any illegal material whatsoever.

“You can get the music with direct connect or soulseek, to download them just use google and find what u need”

Kazaa Lite w/ setting “prevent others from getting a list of all my shared files” solves the getting sued problem i think. You can get the Requiem Remix track from K-lite too.

If you tell me the exact name of that song (sorry dude that thing you wrote up there doesn’t cut it) I can try to download it for you and put it in yahoo briefcase…

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Yeah that’s very good classic music.
But to tell you the truth, it’s also the soundtrack of ‘Requiem for a Dream’ (what a suprise :tongue: )
And some people told me when I said that that the makers of Requiem for a Dream stole the music from LotR, but that’s just stupid.

It’s very good music, and it really ‘fits’ in the movie Requiem for a Dream.
You should see it too :smile:

<— my avatar is from that movie.

No offence to LotR, of course, which is also a very good movie :content:

Wait… are we talking about one song? Do you mean the song that is in the TTT trailer? And that song is ON the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack? Sorry, I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes… :neutral:

I hated Requiem for a Dream. :sad:

I downloaded one song in the search results (there were a LOT) and I had to stop it and delete it in the middle. Aarrrggghhh. What a waste of 56k.

The song being discussed is the song from the TTT trailer. That song is a remix from the “Requiem for a Dream” soundtrack’s main theme.

Whaddaya know that’s the crappy song! Ok, I guess I’ll post it in Yahoo briefcase for karl. Once he verifies it’s the right link, I’ll open up download to everyone else I guess.

w0w!! That remix is kickass!

So Karl, which one do you want:
The original main theme (only violin and that annoying vibe background)
The remix! (+choir, percussion, more aggression, and huge crescendos)

Talk about biasing the choices. I’ll upload the remix first I guess, but I’ll upload both if I have the time.

I’ve never heard the particular song mentioned above, but I have recently been listening to a band called “Blind Guardian”, who released an album several years ago, “Nightfall in Middle-Earth”. It’s pretty intense metal, but the lyrics and general style of music is very much akin to the whole LOTR theme.

I’d recommend it, but only if you appreciate 10 year old black metal where the singers could actually sing, and the guitar required real skill. :wink:

So… why do they have a song called “Surfin USA”?

Ah, the upload is complete. I guess I’ll let everyone download it after karl (because allowing the download would require me to give you the password, and I don’t want anyone deleting those files before karl gets em) if they really wish, but really… if you’re gonna go for it, go for the remix…
but I wouldn’t recommend the remix much either. I’m keepin it though.
-PM sent to karl.

yessss ok
i downloaded it from win mx and then uninstalled winmx and i downloaded from yahoo it wasn’t the same as the one from win mx tho the win mx is much better ill try and upload into the yahoo breifcase thing so there is three songs in there i have renamed the win mx one as hey (for some reason) it is a very!!! good song even if you hate classical music youll still love this

damn! :grrr:
the file is 5.62 mb and it says you have exeeded the 5mb limit arrrg! :cry: