Laberge's Trance Induction CD

Has anyone got Stephen Laberge’s CD Trance Induction of Lucid Dreaming? Is it worth getting?


don’t have laberges cd, but tried other cd’s and tapes! they didn’t work so far!

Be more precises.
Is there a specific name for it?
I may have it :happy:
What is supposed to be on the CD?

I don’t have it, so I don’t even know why I’m posting on this topic. shrug

Oh yeah, that’s it - because I’m so close to 100 posts.

I tried downloading some theta waves. Firstly, they sound horrible. Secondly, I’m pretty sure they gave me a head.

They gave you a head??? OHHH head ache i’m guessing, just realized that whilst (whilst, funny word, huh?) wrigting “They gave you a head???”

Anyways, i’ve never tryed anything like this, but i know some one who did, and they said it just put them to sleep, no LDs either, just made them very sleepy (boring?) :eh:

Yeah. I have it!
raises hand … ooh ooh me!

I suppose this could help those who are good hypnosis candidates or can quite their minds down better than I can at this point. I have never been very succeptible to hypnosis. I’ve tried it a few times but mostly I just fall asleep while he’s talking.

Basically, LaBerge gives you a short relaxation/visualization technique that is meant to entirely relax you and bring you into a trance sort of state and he then tells you that it will be easy for you to remember your dreams and recognize them for what they are when they are happening.

If I had a decent connection perhaps I could rip the track and send it to you but I don’t. Sorry. Wasn’t very expensive though, if I remember correctly if you want to try it. I give it a listen every once and awhile because I’m sure having him talk to me about LDing has some impact on my subconscious.