Lack of details, sense of self in dreams

I don’t remember my dreams very often, and when I do, they’re often recollected by my mind as these short, vague scenes.

I would remember what sort of happened, like a general plot to a story, or random scenes from a movie… so in a way I remember what sort of dreams I had, but never anything in detail.

In a way, it’s almost like my memory of the dream are recollected as photographic images of various fleeting moments.

If I’m having an erotic encounter, I would remember the position of the sexual encounter, but never what the girl looks like or what I look like, or from my POV… it’s almost as if I’m watching a scene play out, yet the memory is telling me that the character in this story is me.

Needless to say, this lacking realization of my sense of self during a dream has made it very hard to do any reality check.

Does this simply mean that I just need to work on remembering my dreams better? That at the moment, I’m only able to recollect the “summary” and few memorable imagery from the dream I was having?

:yes: working on your dream recall will help to make the memories a lot stronger

  1. set the intention to recall your dream before you go to sleep
  2. on waking, don’t move but spend time to try to recapture the dream memory [working up and down the dream timeline]
  3. finally record the dream via a dream journal [either paper or computer]] or even just speaking into a recording device.

Doing this will really make a difference.

Finally having a little awareness in the dream and realising you are viewing as a DO [diembodied observer] is a failsafe ‘RC’

Do you know why the dream world seems so vivid after becoming lucid? It’s not that the lucid dream is somewhat different from regular dreams, quite the contrary in fact, it’s basically the same thing; the only real difference is that you are aware that you’re in a dream. That’s the crux of it really, which makes me think that your problem is largely a problem of recall, focus on that and you’ll be having more vivid dreams.

In fact, trying to get lucid in of itself should lead to dream recall improvement, which reflects your continually increasing ability to be aware of yourself, the environment you’re in, and it’s nature.

One more thing that I have to add, ensure that you’re getting enough sleep, because not getting into REM sleep usually results in these “pseudo-dreams”.