Lack of Lucid Dreams

As of late, I have had no lucid dreams but pretty good dream recall. Generally I have low quality lucid dreams every once in a while to help keep me on track to know that I’m close to having really good ones (I have only had one really good lucid dream and it was amazing) but recently I haven’t even been having those. The last lucid dream (it was low quality) I had was on January 8th so that’s been 3 months with not even a low quality one. I’ve gotten back into doing reality checks fairly frequently but I’m pretty sure they have never even caused me to have a lucid dream when I’m dreaming so I don’t really bother with those too much but I still do them at least a couple times each day. So if anyone knows the solution or has any tips that would be much appreciated!

I believe you should try different techniques, WILD for example. I think realizing in a dream that you’re dreaming is heavily based on luck. WILD isn’t; it’s more about skill. It takes practice, but it may turn out really effective :smile:

Just curious. What are low quality lucid dreams?and how do they differ from “high quality lucid dreams”?

By “low quality”, I mean that they aren’t as good senses-wise, aren’t very clear, and generally only last a couple of seconds.