Lack of SP?

Okay, i know i’m not new, but everyones talking about Sleep paralysis, and i still have never had it! Is it normal to never have SP?

I think you have to be so far gone to experience SP’s. Meaning if you don’t get through the process of HI and relaxing into a dream then you won’t experience the symptoms of sleep onset.
But don’t take my word for it, I’m a newbie, lol I’ve only just managed to get myself to remember my dreams.

However if your talking about using the WILD method and not experiencing SP or having a brief awakening without SP’s then I think that would be wierd.

I mostly use WILD. It is a technique i have commonly used before i even heard of LD… I find it hard to dream vividly because when i go to sleep i am aware of it. I have always done WILD, and have only ever had 1 LD which was not WILD. So it is weird to be doing a lot of WILD without SP? Oay, thanks for the advice. Any other opinions?

No. Most times when I WILD, I never experience SP.

It’s normal.

I didn’t experience SP until I was about 22, I don’t remember having and SP experiences prior to that anyways.

Incidentally, that would be just after I found LD4all.

I had about 3-4 SP experiences, all of them happened AFTER I learned about lucid dreams, before I knew what SP was, and none of them had anythign to do with WILD. I just wake up and find myself paralyzed, feeling like an invisible entity/person is trying to strangle me. When it ends it sorta feels like a dream. One time I dreamed of seeing a strange person infront of my room, I told her “hey, you’re a ghost” then she immediatley attacked me and I woke up in SP. It felt like a continuation of the dream, she attacked me near my bed, so when I woke up in SP it was like her trying to strangle me.

With one of the SPs I had, I was seeing a small cute anime face of a little girl, right infront of my face! … wierd!!!

I’v never had an SP in my life.

A much scarier thing to experience is not being able to breathe in a dream and feel like your getting smothered for a minute or so, complete panic and then wake up gasping for air.

That used to happen to me a lot when I was a kid.

Ooh, I remember a dream where suddenly I couldn’t breathe and it was stuffy everywhere. Woke up and found I was smother half to death with my pillow…

What used to happen to me alot is dreaming that I’m falling from a high building or place (some times places that make no sense!) then I wake in my bed feeling like I just “fell” on the bed; my body would still be shaking for a second or two after I wake up.

I never experienced SP. By the way, I still think there is a big difference between the body numbness you experience when practising WILD and the true SP sleep trouble. Of course, people who have the SP trouble may experience it when WILD’ing but I’m quite sure it’s not experienced by most of the WILD’ers.

Nah, it’s common not to experience it…

Most recent SP I had was when I was studying for a test in the library and sitting on one of those chair-desks type thing…cubicle, that’s what it was. Anyway, I fell asleep kinda on my arm and I kept drifting in and out of sleep. One time however I suddenly woke up and found I couldn’t move. More creepier, it was as if I could see some little animal on my back pushing me…and I remember having a much harder time breathing also.

SPs aren’t fun, I dont think.

Don’t worry about it if you’re not experiencing SP. If WILD works for you without SP, that’s great. SP isn’t generally a pleasant experience (although it’s not that big a deal), so you’re better off without it if possible.

I’ve only experience SP twice. Until I became interested in LDing, I never consciously experienced it. I don’t think it’s something for you to worry about.

Old hag-type thing?

Yea old hag. Oh yea hebrew. You experience SP everynight, which I’m sure you knew. Now I agree that you don’t need to experience it. If your doing WILD perfectly GREAT!!! But SP is an experience you should have at least once to know what it is and figure out how to get out of it and into a LD…make since?