Laggy Dreams

I have noticed that i very rarely have dreams that are about the day on which i fall asleep on. eg: if i fall asleep on tuesday, the dream that night will usually be about something on wednesday or before.
Is my brain just slow at analysing information or is this common with people?
Maybe my mind is wired differently. I once heard about a system of reality whereby the conscious mind percieves things as we do (as things happen), but also percieves things after they have happened. I wonder if dreaming is sort of like this for the unconscious mind. This is not very likely in my mind but i’m just provoking conversation.

Uh, you mean, fall asleep on thursday, right? Otherwise you would have precog dreams :razz:.

What does this have to do with “laggy”?

You sleep, and dream on the day before that?

I was reading something about this last night in a book called “The concious exploration of dreaming” (It’s a really detailed and scientific book, I reccomend it :smile: ) The dream state in our brain is actually similar to amnesia. In some experiments lucid dreamers had trouble remembering recent events from their waking lives eg. like you mentioned - the day you fall asleep on. But their long term memory wasn’t quite as bad. I’ve never thought of it before but most of my dreams are either set in the past (years ago) or they’re about a future event.

lol, yes i meant thursday.
It relates to laggy because it is a delayed reaction to what you experience.

I don’t think it’s ever occurred to me in a dream what day of the week it is. I just don’t think about that sort of thing! :content:

i don’t mean that in the dream the day is a few days before, but what happens in the dream may be related to something you did several days before you actually have the dream.

Aha, now I understand. Well, that does happen to me as well, but I also do dream of things from the same day, too. (Though most often it’s neither and I’m just dreaming wacky things that have nothing to do with any day of real life!)