Lakota Indians Withdraw Treaties Signed With U.S. 150 Years

I’m sure you could still live there. I’m sure white people will remain in Lakota country. They just won’t be in America anymore.

Thats what I am talking about, besides don’t act as if the Lakota were peaceful, what the Lakota did was terribal. It was them who atempted genocide. They slaughtered Americans left and right, I am talking about Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. Yes the people who took revenge were wrong, but it was the Lakota who struck first.

Yeah if this was true, 4 states were about to revolt against the US this would be everywhere. It isn’t. I have looked on the Lakota websites, there is absolutly nothing. This is not happening, it is all fake. However we can keep discussing the morality behind it.

Just think for a moment and name one country or even Native American Territory that was orgionaly created peacefully

Very very true, those of you whom this thead actually concerns you take a drive on a nearby Native American reservation. Is that someplace you want to live?

Define “peacefully.” What would you consider India? Or perhaps the first Native Americans to cross the land bridge into America who found no resistance? What about the Iroquois Confederacy, which was founded by a spiritual leader?

Chuck, I’m going to ignore your replies to this post until they show substance. Right now, I have seen the wildest claims coming from you, most of which borderline the trollish, and what I feel is you’re trying to transform this discussion into a passionate ethical dispute.

Since I can’t honestly take your arguments seriously when your premises are stuff like “the Lakota people were terrible genocidal freaks who attacked the innocent, peaceful Brit immigrants,” and since I’m also more interested in being realistic and analysing what’s rightful and what’s going to happen from a political point of view, basing myself on treaties and the interests of the international community, I’m not going to pay attention to any more of your posts unless you manage to bring some substance into the debate.

[color=#666666]And by the way:

Sitting Bull’s tribe declares independence

Lakota withdraw from treaties, declare independence from US

Lakota Indians announce secession from United States

Descendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse break away from US

Lakota Indians work to secede from US

Lakota Indians Secede from the US

Lakota activists declare secession from US

Lakota Sioux Declare Sovereignty

Not to mention FOX News, which is still one of the two largest journalistic networks of your country.[/color]

i live on a reserve, my parents own a four hundred thousand dollar house lake front property with all the bells and whistles.
there is a community center, aboriginal police services, womens shelter (for all of the area, not strickly for native women) a day care center, a high school, three convenience stores and soon to be a retirement home.
very comfortable tight knit family-oriented community. when i come home, it feels like “home” should feel like.

…i assume you only know of the stereotypical indian reservations?

hahaha, I was going to stir the crap with an argument I don’t really agree with, but have thought better of it. It was a bit of a fallacious argument, and it involved Ayn Randian-type-thought. It was a fun argument, mainly because I like arguing, but it’s a bit of a serious issue, so it won’t see the light of day :cool:

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised that conditions would be that good for you guys, RxQueen. The system we have up in Canada is pretty bad, with many flaws. If I was guaranteed a set amount of income for doing nothing but being an Indian, I may be pretty lazy and messed up as well. For instance, my brothers best friend worked on a cruise ship for three years, and because he didn’t have to pay for lodgings, as the cruise lines payed for that, he accumulated a tidy nest egg. But since then, he has literally done nothing, and spends all day, every day, watching youtube videos. hahaha, he used to be a great guy, but he has decomposed into a mentally lazy person. Still a good guy, but a lazy one, who is somewhat unchallenging, and somewhat depressing to be around if you knew the man before this one.

Jon is right — and this is why I don’t agree with Canada giving away money to the reserves: one thing is assuring people’s liberties by granting them rights and legal protection, another is to bribe them into the capitalist system with infinite budget and expect of them any will to work… This is bad in that it makes those people useless from the capitalist point of view and still helps killing the tribal cultures. If you are to spend money with an antropologic reserve, then don’t just spend it by giving in cash to the nearest local leader. Invest indirectly.

i live in northern ontario.

i agree with the $ thing your getting at also. i know plenty of people, who all happen to be non-natives who work jobs like call centers or seasonal resorts for about 6 months a year, and for the other six months either do nothing at all, or collect unemployment cheques from the government. a lot of them happen to be the type of people to drink away all their money as well.

to me, im not really sure if the government didnt expect this to happen…

Whoops, caught with my fly down! hahaha.