last day of school

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In this dream I was so happy because it was the last day of school. I’m way past any school years. could this mean I will die soon? If, that is you believe this life is a school of sorts. It doesn’t distress me. just looking for opinions.

If it was my dream, I would remember what I felt in real life on the last day of school. A little sadness, excitement, a little anxiety for what comes next. Then I would ponder if this has any relevance to my current situation.

I can’t think of any learning or school going on in my life other than the usual trials of living big and small. That only leaves this life itself as the school. In the dream I felt very happy as the future would be happy, the work done. From my readings by astral projectors and near death experiencers I assume we all live many many lifetimes. In this lifetime I feel I haven’t done well at all, being egotistical and self indulgent and lazy, not succeeding at anything much. Or the school in the dream may not have much significance, only the happiness at the passing of something and this could relate to the surgery coming up which will leave me feeling much better about my appearance.

Important events in one’s life are usually quite stressful (Final schoolday, important final exam, death of a close person, marriage, et cetera.) and as such, they may sometimes manifest themselves strongly in dreams.

Do not worry, this is not a sign of you dying, but merely a manifestation of an important event earlier in your life.